Exploring the Charles Pinckney Historical Site


My girls and I love exploring the Lowcountry. Being that I am also a HUGE history buff makes it even better to have such amazing places nearby. We recently decided to gander over to The Charles Pinckney Historical House & Site This hidden gem is located on Longpoint Road directly across from Boone Hall Plantation. The site is open daily from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm with NO entry fees, even better! We have since been a few more times because it is such a peaceful place to visit. Each time we went (all at various times), there have only been a few others there. There are picnic tables under the beautiful large oaks as well as under the covered shelter. The site house sits at the front of a beautiful large field surrounded by stunning oak trees. Inside the historical home there is a very small souvenier store at the back. The front two rooms are filled with historical artifacts including photos, pieces of actual materials used on the farm (silverware, plates, etc), books signed by Charles Pinckney himself, original maps & atlas’, constitution photos & information, and so, so much more.

Who is Charles Pinckney you ask? A founding father and South Carolina delegate to the Constitutional Convention, Pinckney introduced a complete plan of government during the opening days of the convention. Many of Pinckney’s recommendations were adopted, earning him the nickname of “Constitution Charlie.” Such an amazing part of our Lowcountry history. You can read more about him here.

This in fact is one of our favorite places to visit in Mount Pleasant. Not only is it a fantastic learning experience, but also a beautiful place in general to enjoy a nice walk and/or even a picnic! Visit the website here for more information, FAQ’s, and more! I hope you and your family enjoy the site as much as we did!

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