Our First Summer in Charleston: Tips on Where to Go with Little Ones


Our First Summer in Charleston-Tips on Where to Go with Little Ones (1)
Survival mode. 

That’s where I found myself last June when our family made the move to Charleston. I was at home with three little boys (ages: 4, 3 and 14 months) in a brand new city, with temperatures rising by the minute each day, and having ZERO clue what I was supposed to do all day while waiting on my husband to get home from work. I felt lost. Alone and lost. 

However, I knew that I indeed would survive the summer, I just had to start looking for things to do. 

Below I’ve compiled a list of some of the fun things we found ourselves doing last summer!

  • One of our first and favorite discoveries was the Waterfront Park downtown. Not only is there a beautiful view, but the splash pad area is a perfect way for the kids to cool down on a hot summer day! After finishing at the splash pad we would walk down to the pineapple fountain and take a little swim. My boys absolutely LOVED this! It was the perfect place to pack a lunch and spend a few hours. Best of all…it’s FREE!
  • Having three little boys = a TON of energy that needs to be let out on a daily basis! Honestly, I don’t love being outside, especially in the dead of summer (unless I’m by a pool or the ocean)…but my boys need space to run around and exert some of that built up energy. We have found several parks with playground equipment that each of my kids can enjoy. Some of our favorites are:

Since Charleston summers can get very HOT, it’s nice to have some indoor options as well. Our favorites have been: 

I’m sure that there are plenty more places for us to discover and I look forward to find them this summer. Do you have any “must go to” places? Be sure and share in the comments!