Moms to See in the 843: The Creative Spirit of Tessa Lisiecka


The wealth of creative women in the Lowcountry never ceases to amaze. From jewelry-making to sewing to home decor, the more moms I meet, the more I am impressed with the level of artistic abilities and entrepreneurial spirit that exists in our community.

One such mom I am privileged to know, Tessa Lisiecka, pours her heart into every project. Whether painting a mural or pushing herself at the gym, Tessa works hard in all aspects of her life and inspires others with her kindness, sense of humor, and positive outlook.

Tessa Lisiecka is at the beach with her husband, Jesse, and three children: Kennedy, Isla, and Charlie.

Originally from upstate New York, Tessa is a mother of three — Kennedy, 9; Isla, 7; and Charlie, 1 — who lives in Mount Pleasant with her husband, Jesse. In her full-time job, she works creating website designs for Onecause, a nationwide company specializing in nonprofit fundraising. On the side, she sells customizable art prints on Etsy.

In her latest endeavor, this multi-talented mom recently published her first children’s book titled “Low-Ku: Haikus of the Lowcountry.”

Tessa gives us the lowdown about her book, her background, and her latest passions and pursuits.

Tessa Lisiecka illustrated the new children’s book “Low-Ku: Haikus of the Lowcountry.”

Moms to See in the 843: Tessa Lisiecka

How did you come up with the look and illustration ideas for your book? I have had a dream of creating a children’s book for years and I had a vision in my head of what my book would look like. I wanted it to be colorful and graphic with some texture and dimension. I wanted the images to be distinctly Lowcountry. I viewed dozens of photos and took some of my own to create the illustrations.

What page do you like the most, and why? My favorite spread is the maritime forest and egret page. I think the composition is very strong, and I love all the little details the viewer can discover. It also reminds me of my family’s favorite hiking trail in Awendaw.

What do you hope people will take away from the book? I hope adults and children will enjoy reading the book again and again. I think that all readers, whether they live in the Lowcountry or have simply visited, can relate to the words and imagery.

Do you have a favorite children’s book or author? “Guess How Much I Love You” by Sam McBratney. It was one of the first books I received when I became a mom, and it is a bedtime favorite in our household.

When did you first become interested in art and/or drawing and design? I have always had a very creative mind. My mother is an artist/interior designer, and she has always encouraged and nurtured my creativity. It wasn’t until my senior year of high school, when I took my first art class, that I even considered pursuing art and design as my career.

Where did you go to college/art school? Like many 18-year-olds, I was unsure of what direction I wished to pursue for the rest of my life! So, I decided to try art and design at a local community college first before finally transferring to The College of Saint Rose in Albany, New York, where I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a minor in Art History.

Describe some of your favorite DIY home projects. I always have a home project I am working on! Right now I am re-stenciling my fireplace tile. My biggest project to date was tearing down a wall that separated my kitchen and dining room and creating a herringbone butcher block countertop. My favorite project was the mural I painted in my son’s room with lots of little forest animals, trees, and plants. My husband teases that I always say mid-project, “This is a lot harder than I thought it was going to be.” But I love a challenge!

Tessa painted this mural on the wall of the nursery before her son, Charlie, was born

You’ve been on quite a fitness journey this last year. What are some of your accomplishments? What keeps you motivated? What advice would you have for other women looking to get healthy? After having my third and final baby I decided it was finally time to lose the baby weight. I started off by dieting, but quickly realized I needed to do more. I made a commitment to exercise more than five days per week. It has become my routine and I have lost 40 pounds so far. However, my biggest accomplishment this year was completing my first triathlon. My biggest motivation is having people surrounding me who push me to keep going and believe in myself. I would encourage anyone struggling to find their tribe of people who have the same goals. Also, it’s OK to not be perfect every day, but don’t give up. It’s OK to eat cookies for breakfast, just don’t do it every day!

Tell us about your family. What do you love most about being a mom? My husband, Jesse, and I moved to Charleston in 2010. We surprised everyone by getting married on the beach in 2012. By surprise, I mean we invited our family and friends to an engagement party and held a toast on the beach at sunset. My father and I were the last to arrive, with me walking down the beach access in a wedding dress! Very quickly after, our first baby, Kennedy, was born that same year. We welcomed Isla Grace 17 months later! After a long hiatus, with a few disappointing miscarriages, our son, Charlie, was born in 2020. I love seeing my older girls be so caring and loving to their little brother. It amazes me that they can be so utterly opposite in every way!

To see Tessa’s designs on Etsy, visit Dwell Made Designs at

To order a copy of her book, “Low-Ku: Haikus of the Lowcountry,” email [email protected] or visit 

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