Spending Time Together at Candlefish’s Junior Chandler Candle Making Classes


{Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are our own and we would not promote something we didn’t believe to be true.}

As moms we are constantly teaching, entertaining, and giving absolute unconditional love to our family. I have a vivid memory of learning to make chicken dumplings with my mom in the kitchen when I was very little, and at 4 or 5 years old I decided the kitchen floor was a great surface for building my first dumpling as the counter top was too high. And while my mom suggested maybe we not add my very first dumpling to the pot, she was so very proud of my pasta folding.

In Candlefish‘s candle workshops, they often have little visitors who are curious about how candles are made, who want to smell every fragrance, and have wide eyes as they watch liquid hot wax poured into huge buckets. Candlefish has always wanted to find a way to get kids in the door to make candles but have had trepidation around exposing kids to the hot temperatures of the wax. After brainstorming theyve decided a parent accompanied class could be a perfect way to invite junior chandlers into the workshop. Enter Candlefish’s new Junior Chandler Candle Making Class!

Candlefish is adding this class to their May schedules and beyond, offering the chance for your child (ages 8-14) to sit alongside you and pour candles together. They’ve made this class kid friendly with some fragrance guessing games and scents they will love (think cocoa, watermelon, and strawberry), but as always the classes are adult friendly too with plenty of “grown up” fragrances to choose from. And the cherry on top? You each will pour a candle of your very favorite Library fragrance, finished with a label custom designed by you.

My mom always told me the best gift was simply spending time together and making memories, and I couldn’t agree more. We hope you will join us soon for a great time in the workshop and as a special treat for you and your junior chandler, Candlefish is offering an exclusive discount on this Saturday’s Junior Chandler Workshop just for CMB followers!

Register for Charleston Junior Chandler Workshop Saturday, May 20 at 10AM, here and use discount code JRChandler! Hope to see you there!