How to Celebrate Easter at Home


How to Celebrate Easter at Home Charleston MomsY’all, this will be the first-ever Easter while we are social distancing!

If you are anything like me, the panic starts to set in and you may wonder how am I going to pull off Easter while being at home all day?!

Now I have been determined since all this craziness has started that I am NOT going to let this affect how I am going to celebrate the upcoming holidays with my family. My husband and I have been brainstorming ideas on how we would approach celebrating Easter at home:

How we can make it fun for the kids?

How can we connect with family?

How can we view Easter Service at our church?

Luckily, we are so blessed in this day and age to have so much access to technology that we are able to stream live and connect with friends and family on video chats. Like they say in Broadway, “The show must go on,” and just because we are at home doesn’t mean we have to cancel Easter! I have compiled a list of ideas that will help you celebrate Easter at home quarantined style!

At-home Easter celebration ideas

1. At Home Easter Egg Hunt

Worried that your child or children will miss out on an Easter Egg Hunt?! Make one for them so that they won’t miss out this year. If you have older kids, try to do a scavenger hunt for them and make it challenging. If you’re anything like me and totally forgot to buy plastic Easter Eggs and want to bypass going near any stores, make paper Easter eggs and hide them around the house! I know my children are going to miss having friends to interact with during an Easter Egg Hunt, so a neat idea that you can do is have them engage with their friends and have a neighborhood social distancing Easter egg scavenger hunt! Print out an egg, have them decorate their egg, and hang it on your front window so that their friends can try to spot and take pictures of the eggs while out on a walk or on a drive with their family. It’s a great way to share with their friends how many eggs they have found through text or social media!

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How to Celebrate Easter at Home Charleston Moms2. Easy D.I.Y Easter Crafts

You can still dye Easter Eggs at home. Maybe this year try a different approach to how to dye them since suddenly we have a lot of time on our hands! This year I am trying the Shaving Cream Marble Egg Method with the kids. Messy, yes. But I am sure they will enjoy it! It doesn’t have to stop at dying eggs, though. There are so many craft ideas out there. You can make an Easter bunny with cotton balls. All you need is paper, glue, cotton balls, scissors, and a marker. Also, if you have any plastic Easter eggs lying around, some paint, and paper, you can use those items to create an egg rainbow!

3. Easter Service

No worries about missing Easter Service since a lot of them have closed the doors for public access due to the virus. There are plenty of churches around the area that are providing Easter Service virtually in the comfort and safety in your own home. What a wonderful blessing that is to be able to worship and have it so readily accessible.

4. Easter Meal with Family

Whatever Easter meal you decide to serve for your family to enjoy, make sure to connect with your extended family too. Set a time to have everyone do a video chat. Whether it’s during the meal or after, seeing your loved ones’ faces will help ease the pain in not being with them physically this year. It’s as if you still had an Easter meal with your family, just virtually! There are so many wonderful apps now that will allow multiple people at the same time so that everyone is engaged. Try to even set your tablet, phone, or laptop in an area where everyone can see each other while you chat with your family. Fun Idea for the kids: try to even start an Easter Bunny Hop for all the younger kids to do virtually?! That would be something fun for all to do plus it will get a lot of laughs! And we could definitely all use some of those! 

I hope these ideas will help everyone celebrate Easter at home with ease. It’s difficult not to have an Easter gathering like we might be used to, but these ideas will help everyone to find a way to connect on that day while being safe. Let’s choose to look at this as a blessing and enjoy our time with our loved ones at a slower pace.

What are your at-home ideas for Easter this year? We would love to hear in the comments!