Charleston Moms CARE: Non-Profit Spotlight On The Family Collective


Giving back to our community is so important and we are so excited to present Charleston Moms CARE, a series where we’ll be highlighting different non-profits around the Lowcountry. We’ll tell you more about the organization and how you can get involved by volunteering!

This month we are featuring The Family Collective, a local non-profit aimed at helping people build true community. After being isolated from what was normal to us and living in fear of the unknown and a new normal, The Family Collective was prepared to help navigate this time with the resources to make the transition much smoother.

The Family Collective

The Family Collective was started by Neal and Diane Arnold of Charleston, SC. Diane Arnold is a well-known Charleston Licensed Professional Therapist that specializes in Emotional Focused (EFT) Therapy who also started Charleston Christian Counseling Associates in West Ashley. The heart of The Family Collective is “To help people build true community by finding healing, connection, and belonging in their individual journeys, marriages, and family lives.”

The Family collective provides the following services:

  • Face to Face Marriage Community Groups to help married couples build their relationship with each other and connect with other married couples in their community.
  • Faithful and True Sexual Addiction Workshops for Men.
  • Finding the True Me Workshops for Women.
Free Marriage Workshops:
  • Led by Diane Neal, LPC, and possible guests, organizations, and businesses can invite Diane to host a two-day workshop to teach on restoring your marriage, communication strategies for couples, how to build a deeper connection with your spouse, and more. Click here to schedule a date or learn more.

Ways to get involved

The main way to volunteer is by being a group facilitator to lead a marriage community group either online or in-person. They are also looking for volunteer Family Advocates who want to go out in the community to share the vision of The Family Collective and go “collect” families, organizations, businesses, etc. who have a need in their community that we may be able to meet with our resources.

They are also looking for people to volunteer as Family Advocates who go out into the community to share The Family Collective vision.  They would ‘collect’ families, organizations, businesses who have a need in their community. To volunteer or learn more information about being a marriage group facilitator or a family advocate, you can email [email protected] or call (405) 414-4933.

Learn more about The Family Collective:

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