I Make More Money Than My Husband


more money“What does your husband do for a living?”

This question always gets me. When people hear I go on vacations or if I do something awesome, I sometimes get this question.

What does he do? As if, he is the one making the money and I am living it up on his dime.
As if the husband is the only one who has the ability to make “great money.”

Honestly, I don’t like talking about money. I don’t like to bring up how much I make or what I did to get here because to me, it is my business and I like to keep it that way.

However, for the point of this article and to maybe shed some light on this, let’s talk it up.

I guess I have to admit I grew up with a way of thinking that the husband did make the money. The husband was the one who put in the hours, worked hard, and the wife had the “other” responsibilities.

I figured out quickly that that way of marriage didn’t work out from watching my own family go through struggles. I decided when I was young that I wasn’t going to be that person. I was going to make money and not have to depend on anyone else.

So, when I met my husband, everything was pretty equal. We worked hard together, we put each other through school, we pushed each other, and got to where we were happy. That was until I found something I was just crazy about doing. I worked hard, stayed up late, woke up early, and went all in.

A few years and a pandemic later, and here I was being the breadwinner of this family.

My husband became my assistant, supported me in my dreams, and pushed me to keep going.

So, after all that work, I will still hear people come up with the assumption that we are able to live how we live because of my husband. (Insert eye roll here.)

When is the last time you ever heard someone say “oh wow what does your wife do?” Never. Or asking a husband how he manages the “work-life balance.” Never.

Here is the reality.

I know that when people ask me about business, I can be humble and play it down a bit. I can be shy and act like business isn’t that big of a deal. I also know a lot of people who I have met over the years that do the exact same.

However, a man isn’t likely to do that same thing. They don’t usually get red in the cheeks, look down and say “oh it’s no big deal.” There is more of a “heck yes I am crushing it” with a fist bump and cheers with a beer.

So let’s start owning this.

Owning our business. Owning our success. Changing these gender roles or stereotypes of who makes more money.

We are just as capable of earning the big bucks and making an income.

No one decides who makes more money or has more success than YOU.

Go for it, mommas.


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