What Moms Really Want (And Don’t Want!) For Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and hapless men around Charleston are sheepishly walking into Victoria’s Secret looking for the sexy panties of our dreams. The less brazen are skulking through the aisles of the grocery store picking up hybrid boxes of chocolates – usually only half are good and the rest are coconut. Hallmark is doing a perky little business as men purchase cards with someone else’s sentiment to which they will sign their name only minutes before presenting said card to us.

Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day . . .

. . . the waft of cheap perfume, dishes we’re expected to clean after romantic dinners that use every single pot and pan we own, or, even worse, absolutely nothing; no acknowledgment that it’s a special day worthy of demonstrations of love and affection.

I’m here to help, though, with a few ideas of things that most of us would actually really like on Valentine’s Day (and the things we can absolutely do without):

What Mom Really Wants (and Doesn’t Want) for Valentine’s Day

  • Do More Than Sign Your Name: We’re glad you can sign your name. Our kids are working on this skill too and we’re very proud of them, but for Valentine’s Day, we would like a heartfelt message inside that card letting us know how much you love us and maybe some of the things you appreciate about us.
  • I Don’t Want To Clean Anything On February 15: We all love a romantic candlelight dinner, but that dinner takes on an entirely different vibe, and odor, if the dishes aren’t cleaned from the night before. If a romantic dinner is part of your gift to us, please include the dishes too.
  • We Don’t Want ‘Stuff’: We don’t want you to spend a lot of money, but we do want some thoughtful effort. You can never go wrong with something that includes our babies’ hand or footprints. Please don’t buy something just to buy something. We’d much rather have something from the heart.
  • We are Sleepy: We are tired. This being a mother thing is exhausting sometimes, so a massage, a facial, a pedicure, or really anything that allows us to sit or lay down sounds glorious. A couples’ massage would be adorable and sexy!

However you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day, I hope that it is one filled with genuine affection, love, and joy. You deserve it, mama!