5 Ways You Know You’re a Mom of Boys


When we found out we were having a boy, I remember thinking I have no idea what to do with a boy! Now, after having two boys, I can’t imagine my life without them. They make each and every day more interesting and unpredictable than the day before. I am a boy mom, and I take it on with a big heart and a strong stomach!

1. Your first and only compliment of the day comes from your three-year-old pooping on your toilet, while you are just feet away getting ready.

As moms, we have all experienced this at least once in our motherhood career. Boys, are notorious for dropping bombs and running. Mine are usually known for pinching it until they find my location. Once I am tracked down, they make a bee-line for the nearest toilet, only to stink me out. I’ve grown pretty immune to the smells and sounds, because in all actuality, some of our best talks and funniest moments have happened in “the John.”

2. You reach in your purse for your car keys and come out with a Hot Wheels.

Lets face it mamas, our purses are fair game to our little ones, especially if they are in arm’s reach. Some of my most memorable finds: dried worm, chewed gum, pictures drawn by my littles, flowers (because boys love their mamas), and of course boogers (in a tissue or totally “lone-ranger”).

3. When it becomes a household rule that everyone sit down to pee.

Most women surrounded by boys in their home, run the risk of falling into the toilet on a daily basis. Surprisingly, that was one of the things that stuck when they were younger, “Put the toilet seat down!” It’s one of those lessons that continues to “pay forward.”

We originally taught this rule so that my youngest wouldn’t be tempted to pull up on the “porcelain throne” while crawling and practicing his splashing. The problem in my home is aim. They seem to get distracted the easiest while mid-stream. So I decided to make this blanket rule that everyone sit down to pee, unless I wanted to paint all of my bathrooms yellow and get accustomed to a very distinct “air freshener.”

4. You are aware what every poop looks like in terms of shape, color and resemblance to other objects.

It has become a game in our house, when someone makes a substantial poop, everyone gets summoned to the potty to observe and compare similarities to tangible objects.

5. Snot rockets are funnier than jokes.

We call our oldest “the endless booger machine,” resulting in hours of entertainment for our youngest. There are actually sighs of disappointment when the last snot rocket has been fired.

What other things have you experienced as a mom of boys?


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