6 Things to Look for in a Phenomenal K4 Program

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Choosing a K4 program for your child can feel like a daunting task with so many options available in the Lowcountry. To help make things easier for you, Charleston Christian School has put together a list of important things to look for in a program.

6 things to look for in a K4 program

  1. Active learning environments When you tour a K4 program, take notice of the students in the classroom. Are they sitting the entire time? Four-year-old students should be moving from center to center, spending time on crafts, singing, and playing outside all while learning through these different type of interactions.
  2. Quality student work: As you examine the classroom, you should see several examples of student work. Are student creations on display in the classroom, or is the wall art limited to mass-produced posters? Examples of student work will give you an idea of what your child will learn over the course of the year. Moreover, there should be a curriculum guide or lesson plans on display for you to peruse.
  3. Experienced, qualified teachers: Active learning environments and quality work is a reflection of a gifted teacher. Is the teacher interacting with students at eye-level? Is it evident that the teacher possesses a deep understanding of the unique development traits of four-year-olds? Make sure the teacher is someone who will develop curiosity and instill a love of learning.
  4. Proven record of successful transitions to Kindergarten: The purpose of K4 is to successfully prepare children for Kindergarten. The program should help children develop motor, social, cognitive, and language skills. Talk to the director of the program and ask about former students. Where do the majority of students go to Kindergarten after completing K4? Did the parents and students experience a smooth transition? The director should have received feedback from Kindergarten programs that can be shared with prospective parents.
  5. Part of an established elementary school or Kindergarten program: A 4K program that is part of a larger education program will ensure your child does not have to transition into a new school environment for the second year in a row. They will be able to continue at an educational institution that knows what the student has learned and how to help them continue to grow.
  6. A safe and comfortable environment: Don’t end the tour without talking to the teacher or director about the safety procedures and policies that are in place. What happens in school in the case of an emergency? Does the school conduct fire drills? Are the doors always locked and secure? Do teachers undergo child abuse prevention training? You should feel confident that you are leaving your child in a safe place, and your child should feel comfortable. Make sure your child is allowed to spend time with the class and with the teacher, even if it’s only for an hour. Your child should have a good feeling after the experience.

6 reasons why the K4 program at Charleston Christian is phenomenal

  1. The best K4 teacher in Charleston will teach your child: For the past 19 years, Mrs. Hawkins has taught preschool. She brings her experience of the best learning environment and best practices to her classroom at Charleston Christian. The K4 students “learn through circle time, small groups, peer play, art, songs, and stories. We work on numbers, letters, science, and many themes throughout the year. Our time together is full of fun and learning.” Mrs. Hawkins, K4 teacher

  1.  Your child will experience hands-on activities: At Charleston Christian every activity your K4 child experiences helps develop a cognitive, language, motor, or social skill. They learn while they play. The weekly curriculum is theme based. For example, students build skyscrapers during “construction week.” They create microphones from connectors while learning about sound. They run around outside pretending to be airplanes during “transportation week.” Lessons impact their play, stimulating their imagination.

  1. You are guaranteed a spot in our Kindergarten program.: For the past three years, we have had a waiting list for our Kindergarten class. Getting your child into the K4 program guarantees them a spot for the high demand program. “There is definitely a reason this K5 class fills up every year. There is no better place to have your child grow socially, academically, and spiritually. My oldest daughter was previously a student of Mrs. Smith’s, so I was incredibly excited this year to have my younger daughter challenged under the loving guidance of Mrs. Smith! It’s amazing all of the things they learn in K5. I feel like my daughter comes home and teaches me something new nearly every day!” Rebecca, K5 Parent
  1. Your child will form lasting friendships that will continue through middle school: “I originally was not going to put my son in a K4 program but, at the last minute decided to try it. I am so glad that we did! I have noticed my son has matured so much in just a few short months. He looks forward to school each day and has made sweet friendships.” Jennifer, K4 parent. Currently, Charleston Christian serves students in K4 through 8th grade. Students in K4 will grow up and foster friendships that last their school career and beyond.  
  1. Safety is a priority: All of the faculty and staff at Charleston Christian undergo background checks and successfully complete Darkness to Light training. Several procedures and policies are in place to prevent child abuse. Moreover, our facility is secure. We also conduct fire and lockdown drills.
  1. Your child will receive a firm spiritual foundation: Charleston Christian partners with Christian families and their churches to teach knowledge, wisdom, and values from a Christian perspective. Providing a spiritual foundation is the heart of our mission. Through Bible class, Scripture memory, and weekly chapel, the spiritual lives of children are shaped and developed.

Upcoming events at CCS

Join us for our K4 Shadow Day from 9-10 am on February 25*. If you cannot make that date, we can schedule a shadow day for you. If you have students in K5-8th grade, who would like to shadow we can accommodate them as well. To schedule a shadow day or for more information about the Charleston Christian School, please call 854.556.4480 or email Shelley, Director of Communications and Admissions, at [email protected].

*Please RSVP to [email protected] for the K4 Shadow Day so we can ensure we have enough materials for each student.

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