6 Tips To Help You Transition from SAHM to Full-Time Employee


As a full time worker bee since…forever, it was a strange new world for me when we left Texas to move to Charleston, SC. As a family, we decided that I would stay home for at least a year to help acclimate the kids (basically the whole family) to a new state. I was grateful for this time with the kiddos and enjoyed myself immensely.

Eventually though, I knew that I would need to start bringing in some income so I started hustling, then I found a side hustle…then I wrote a book and then I wrote another book. My hustles and side hustles had me moving and shaking, but the income that I dreamed of just didn’t happen. I started a part-time job working from home, but not everybody understood the term “part-time” I was getting phone calls during my “family” time and it was a definite strain. I felt like I was hustling, but the ends were totally not justifying the means.

More side hustles and less family time

Every weekend was another project and just one more issue. Webinars on how to manage my time, wealth (that surely would happen any day now, right?) and finances dictated my schedule. Eventually, there was no family time on the weekends and I felt like I didn’t spend any time at all with them any more. My hours were spent between the computer and the workshop. My income, however, wasn’t reflective of all the hours I worked during the day. Sure, I still dropped my kids off at school every morning, picked them up every afternoon, made it to dance and soccer, and even cooked supper most days, but my focus had changed from my family to the hustle.

One day, I decided to start looking for a job. Somewhere away from my home office and into someone else’s real estate. The process was a long and arduous task. The rejection was very, very real and incredibly hard to take. I reluctantly gave up after months of searching, dejected and sad and threw myself into the hustles even further.  

Months later, I received a phone call from a colleague of my husband’s who had heard of a position available at an office near us. He sent a link to apply. This was what we had been looking for, but once the opportunity presented itself to me…I cringed. Negativity filled my mind and I didn’t know if I could do it. But, I followed the link down the rabbit hole. 

6 tips to help you transition to a full-time job

  1. Believe in yourself. Nobody is going to do it for you. Whether you are flipping burgers, filing papers, or changing oil; do your best and show everyone how awesome you are!
  2. Ask for help. My work day starts early and I wasn’t going to be able to drop the kids off at school in the mornings. Enter the hubs, stage right. He stepped up (like he always does) with all the things; from drop-offs to pick ups, supper, and everything in between. I am reminded again of why we make such  great team. Sometimes, when we both have to be out early, a friend will take them to school. Just ask, your tribe wants to see you succeed.  
  3. Chores for Everyone. With me out of the house more, the mess seemed to evolve from a bit, to a ginormous mountain of craziness overnight. That’s when we decided that those that make the mess get to help clean it up. It doesn’t matter the age, everyone gets a little extra responsibility and a growing respect for all that moms does.
  4. Work Hard, Play Hard. Now that I have a day job to clock in at, I also have the amazing opportunity to clock out. That means that I don’t have to worry or deal with any work-related problems when I step out of the office doors. Family time is a wonderful thing and now I can enjoy it to the fullest!

    6 Tips To Help You Transition from SAHM to Full-Time Employee
    Enjoying time with the Family has never been so easy.
  5. Rest. I now have a steady income and my mind can rest in the knowledge that I don’t have to work 24/7 to help my family financially.
  6. Do something for you. I am now training for a marathon and I am not worried, stressed, or altogether overly taxed about taking time away from all of the hustles or family. I am excited to have such a lofty goal and a plan to attack it. I never had that, even before we moved here.I have to say that whatever your goal, make one that is just for you. There is magic of doing something just for yourself.

I am extremely happy to say that I love my new job!  I have met so many wonderful people and have a clear path for my future with my new company.  

6 Tips To Help You Transition from SAHM to Full-Time Employee
My new PPE (Personal Protection Equipment)

So if you are thinking about stepping back into the work force, remember; you can do it. We are all cheering for you! And May the (work) Force be With You.


  1. Of course!! Being a full time employee and Mom is hard, but totally doable with a little help! You’ve got this!!

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