A Heavy Day, A Heavy Heart

I held my daughter tighter tonight. I told my husband to pay extra attention to her. I tried to make her laugh a bit more tonight. I tried to memorize every detail of her little face. Then it was time for bed and we placed her in her crib. We stepped out of her nursery and I cried.
The news in Charleston today was heavy. The news in our country today was heavy. One local beautiful little girl is missing. Hundreds of teenagers and school employees are scarred for life because of a shooter.
Tonight, this mama cries for those other mamas who are experiencing a most devastating loss.
Tonight, this mama thinks about the fact that I will one day have to try to explain how evil exists and sometimes there is nothing we can do to stop it.
Tonight, this mama thinks about the lessons that I will one day try to teach my daughter: Be kind. For you never know how your can be someone’s only bright spot. Be vigilant. For you never know where danger hides. Be smart. For you must be able to decide which path to take. Be brave. For you may be the one others turn to in moments of despair. Be strong. For you may need to lead others in moments of panic. Be loving. For we lose hope in humanity far too often when other makes devastating decisions.
This world is often times sad. It’s hard. It’s lonely. It’s challenging in the worst of ways. I can’t protect my child from it all, but I can only teach her these lessons. And, I can only pray she remembers and practices them. Mamas, tonight and tomorrow and every day that follows, I hope you hug those children (no matter if they’re 38, 8, or 8 days) a bit tighter and raise them to be the best version of themselves. This world needs our best and it’s our responsibility.
*Update: The missing Charleston girl has been found! Thank you all for sharing her picture and getting the word out!