A Letter to My Wild Child


Dearest Wild Child,

You come from a long line of hell raisers, rule breakers, radical individualists, and people who most definitely marched to the beat of their own drum. You, my sweet baby, are the beating heart reflection of that lineage.

You wake with hot sauce running through your veins, ready to conquer the world with exuberant abandonment. From the moment your eyes pop up awake in the morning to the moment when you finally surrender your sweet little body to its biological imperative for sleep, you are a whirl of motion, noise, and physicality that is both simultaneously impressive as well as terrifying.

With you, I am becoming accustomed on a daily basis to the momentary catch in my throat, the skip of a heartbeat as I watch you fling yourself off things, towards things, and somehow find the most dangerous thing in any location and run away with it. I would never want to cage your wildness, but I pray that it finds a home in an inner commitment to your own version of authenticity rather than the external lure of wild, dangerous pursuits.

The wildest thing anyone can do in this life is staying true to themselves and as you grow older, I hope that you see that the external trappings of ‘wild’ won’t bring you the peace you will seek or any closer to finding your true self. I hope that the wild within allows you the courage to remain true to your dreams and manifest whatever beautiful gift you are meant to bring to this world even in the face of sometimes oppressive pressure to conform.

I will always support you as long as your wildness is rooted in love and respect for yourself and others. Your wildness will scare some, but they aren’t the ones to worry about, so know that your wondrous branches are rooted in my love and seek out the other free spirits and untamed hearts who will love you exactly as you are.

You were born wild, my sweet baby, so continue to color outside the lines in your bare feet and know that I see your special heart and I love you. Always.



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