Because of Her, I’m a Better Me


I never thought I’d be a mom to a daughter. I always assumed I’d only have boys. I have what some might call a blunt personality, and with a house full of males, I thought this would make them have a certain respect for strong-willed women.

But for me that day changed when I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. She was so soft and new and mine. I wasn’t, and am still not sure how my pointed personality will shape her, but each day I’m learning more about myself and her perception of the world through me.

because of her i'm a better me

Daily I work to show her how to be strong, brave, and fearless while also teaching her that inner beauty is more important than what’s on the outside, kindness to others makes her powerful, and loving with her whole heart will bring her pure joy. While I try and show her these things, I also take my own disposition in to account and have to remind myself to show and not just think about what I am trying to teach her.

I want her inner voice to tell her to persevere and take life’s challenges head on. I want it to say, “Don’t be scared.” Most importantly, I want it to tell her to give her all and have no regrets.

But how will she get there if I don’t embody and model that kind of thinking for her? Who is going to teach her to be proud of her abilities and stand up for herself? Me…I’m the answer, and you are the answer too.

So, I work to change my internal dialogue to be more positive. I watch my actions and my words. I surround myself with people who are honest and respectful because she notices every interaction. I try every day to encourage her to attempt new things, to teach her to love her body and to show her that she can be anything she chooses to be because I believe in her.

These conscious decisions make me a better, more aware person, and for that I am forever grateful. Because of her I’m a better me.

As a mom, what do you want your daughter to learn from you, and what choices are you making each day to help her become that person?

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A South Carolina native, Erica is originally from the Upstate and has moved back to Charleston with her family after a 10 year, traffic-filled hiatus in Atlanta, GA. Having lived in only two states she likes to explore different cultures through travel and food.  Of all the hats Erica wears her most important roles are as a wife, mother, daughter and fundraiser for her alma mater, College of Charleston. She has been married to her college sweetheart for 13 years and together they have to kiddos that keep them on their toes.  She prides herself on being honest about motherhood and enjoys learning from other moms who tell it like it is. When life offers a little down time Erica enjoys wave jumping at the beach, unapologetically watching bad TV and organizing and re-organizing everything from the dishwasher to the sock drawers to help calm her inner OCD.


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