Breastfeeding: Judged If You Do, Judged If You Don’t


As mothers, we worry about everything.

Is that sock too tight around her ankle? Is she too warm, too cold?  WHAT IS THAT RASH??!!!

This world can be so judgemental if you let it.   Someone will judge you for EVERYTHING, so you have to choose to let it go.  Make your decision on what works best for you and your family and roll with it.  Do it whole-heartedly, no matter what anyone else says.  The last thing you should have to think about is what others think of how you feed your child.

I am a breast-feeder.  I am VERY fortunate to be able to do this with both my girls.  I also realize that not all women can.  And that is okay.  A loving mother is going to do what is BEST for her child, and that child will turn out wonderfully with love and care.

Society says “breast is best,” and that is great.  But bottle is best sometimes too.  FED IS BEST!

The funny thing about judgement is how society pushes breastfeeding on moms.  BUT, heaven forbid you do it in public. If you breastfeed in public, you are susceptible to being judged too.

I was “judged” the other day in the grocery store.  My baby was being very fussy and the only way I was getting out of the store alive was to nurse my child while shopping.  I held her nursing while shopping the pasta aisle.  A man gave me a horrible look and took off like a race car driver by me.  I didn’t even have time to respond he was so fast.  This blows my mind. We are pressured to breastfeed JUST NOT IN PUBLIC WHERE I CAN SEE IT!

** judged if you do, judged if you don’t **

I choose not to pay attention to the judgment, and neither should you.  Mama, do what is best for your child!  Love them, feed them and worry about the important things, like are baby jeans really comfortable for my child????

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Did you ever feel judged for the way you fed your child?  

Share your experience in the comments below.



  1. I’m sure that in many, many cases this is true. I would just like to say that as a neonatal nurse, I love helping moms breastfeed. I love being honest with them. I love asking them how they feel. I love it when they are honest with me. I am a lactation nurse and I do not “guilt” mothers into breastfeeding. I support their goals and choices. I am an educator and as I learn more everyday, I try very hard to ignore the negativity that can surround these topics. How sad that can be. I’m on the side of the good guys. The side that says bond, love, and enjoy your baby. Feed your baby whichever way feels comfortable. I’ll proudly support any mom that seeks information and support. I am a proud supporter of moms, dads, and babies. I have been advocating for babies for 15 years and, while not a single one of them has ever spoken one word to me, I’m confident that I have helped every one of them. ❤️❤️

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