Car Seat Check




The day we went to the hospital to be induced, my husband drove around Mt Pleasant like a mad man trying to find someone that would do a car seat check. This was our first baby and that car seat had to be secure! He went to the fire department, who sent him to the police department, who told him to try Babies R Us. Eventually, he installed the car seat himself and we went on our merry way for almost a year.

I was dreading moving up to the convertible car seat because installing one seemed daunting. All car seats claim they are easy to install but the first time proved to be frustrating. After asking around, I was informed that North Charleston Police did car seat checks. I called to schedule an appointment and spoke with Corporal Myrick from the SC Highway Patrol.  Corporal Myrick was extremely helpful. Living in Mt Pleasant, the IOP Police Department was the closest location with a certified car seat technician. So I drove down to IOP – no appointment needed. I would suggest calling before you go to double check that an installer is on duty but I was able to walk right in. The car seat check took about 30 minutes. We did mine a couple of times so that I would know how to do it myself in the future. 

Are you in the market to have your car seat checked?? If so, you can call Corporal Myrick at (843) 953-6050. If you tell her where you live she can let you know if there is an installer nearby or she can schedule an appointment to assist you. Also if you live in Summerville, car seat checks are currently available at ANY Summerville fire station! Other fire stations that have technicians include Johns Island, Downtown Charleston and Goose Creek, as well as North Charleston City Hall and the Isle of Palms Police Department.



Just a tip – they will ask for your drivers license at the end so that they can receive community service hours, so make sure to have it handy!