Child-Led Parenting: How It Changed My Family

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You leave the hospital with this beautiful bundle of joy basking in the glow of new parenthood…and then you arrive home and think, “I have no idea what to do with this human!” Sound familiar?

Over the first weeks and months, you learn your baby’s personality, their schedule, and begin adjusting to this new life together. But, just when you think your routine is set in stone, your baby goes through a milestone and you feel like you need to try so many new things to figure out what they need now.

Change and growth happen so quickly as babies turn into toddlers and go from helpless little creatures to fully functioning humans in just a few short years. If you’re exploring ways to help ease the mental load of parenting or if you want to be a more responsive and respectful parent who fosters independence, then I’ve got something to share with you…

Being with Infant and Toddlers

Being with Infants and Toddlers is an educational resource series that will teach you about understanding and responding to your child and their needs. Through a series of video guides about your baby in areas like sleep, feeding, independence building, and more, you will gain a new understanding of your child’s developmental needs and milestones as they achieve them.

This series shares ideas and concepts based on the teachings of Beverly Kovach, an early childhood specialist who has spent the past four decades researching and studying best practices as it relates to the care and well-being of children. Her approach is one that focuses on responsive parenting, meaning that caregiving is not rushed or automated, but rather reciprocal and responsive. She is considered an expert in the field and is a certified teacher trainer in Montessori, Pikler, and RIE(r).

What is Child-led Parenting?

“Child-led parenting is about giving a child the freedom to do what they want within the boundaries of what you expect. – Ross Hunt

Personally, I wasn’t introduced to child-led parenting until my second child was born and enrolled in a Montessori daycare. Luckily, the teachers there taught me so many tips and tricks like the ones you will learn through this series. Seeing it firsthand, in their classroom, as they worked with my child made me believe so strongly in the methods you will see reflected in the Being with Infants series.

I was so engaged and impressed with what I was seeing that we enrolled our daughter, who was already a toddler at the time, in the same school so she could reap the benefits of child-led parenting. Montessori, Pikler, and RIE(r) – Resource for Infant Educators – are all different forms of child-led parenting and the philosophies of each are highlighted in this series.

How does Child-led Parenting work?

Even at an early age, your child knows what they want. Sadly, they don’t always have the best way to communicate their wishes. Through child-led parenting you let them make choices within reason to encourage their independence and personal growth.

For us, that meant letting our children do as much for themselves as they could without us interfering to try and figure it out for them. No, we didn’t let them get away with being the boss, but we gave them a safe environment to explore and let them choose what they were most interested in seeing, touching, and feeling.

Who is this series for?

The Being with Infants series is for everyone who interacts with young children. With over 3.5 hours of content shared in 20 easy-to-digest chapters including lessons and demonstrations, you will learn child-led parenting from the best. I encourage you to watch the sample videos for yourself, which you can stream free here.

This series would be well-received as a baby shower gift for the soon-to-be new parent in your life, for someone who is struggling through toddlerhood, or as a resource for local educators and caregivers in your life who would benefit from having this as an educational tool.

I’m interested. How do I purchase this series?

You can purchase Being with Infants and Toddlers series through Amazon. You can also find individual episodes on topics like proper bottle feeding, lap feeding, diapering, sleep, play, and much more. You will find each episode useful and insightful and can share with others who are helping you take care of your little one.

We all know raising a child is hard, especially with young children who can’t always communicate their needs in a way you can understand. Through the Being with Infants and Toddlers series you can guide them to become more independent, while also gaining a better understanding of their needs. Together, with the help of this series, you and your child will create your own bond and build a stronger foundation for your family’s future.

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