Choosing Your Word of the Year for 2023


We’ve all made them. And we’ve all failed at them, sometimes miserably. New Year’s resolutions. Those commitments that we make to change something, or change ourselves, at the start of every New Year that usually end up by the wayside at the end of January. Failing at our resolutions will only usher us into a state of defeat and disappointment in ourselves, and this usually happens before the first month of the year is over!

But what if we focused less on the resolutions, and more on a single word that might help us change for the better? What if we came up with a “Word of the Year” to live by, a word to remember throughout the year and focus our minds and actions on, rather than trying to focus on those frustrating resolutions?

Choosing a Word of the Year for yourself might sound like a daunting task. With more than a million total words in the English language, how are you to sort through them all and pick just one word that is right for you? How can you pick just one word that you will use to guide your next 365 days and center your mind on time after time? Grab some paper and a pen to get started figuring out your word of the year.

Tips for Finding Your Own Word of the Year for 2023

1. Brain dump about 2022

Get some paper and pen and take time to engage in a complete brain dump as you reflect on 2022. (There’s just something more powerful about physically writing it all down!) Think about all the events, the trials and tribulations, and how you grew stronger. Think about your accomplishments and achievements and the person you are now versus a year ago. Write down some powerful words that come to mind regarding your 2022.

2. Brainstorm about your vision for 2023

What do you want to accomplish? What are your goals and your desires for this upcoming year? You may even choose to create a vision board as you brainstorm — these are great to hang up somewhere you see every day as a reminder of your goals, hopes, and dreams. Again, write down those meaningful words that pop into your mind as you brainstorm!

3. Reflect

Pull together all your notes and your vision board (if you made one), and take time to reflect on all that you’ve put together. Which word or words come to mind as you look over your work? Make a list of these words!

4. Decision time

Finally, decide on ONE word that really sticks out to you. Pick the one word that you want to really live by in 2023. Write this word on your bathroom mirror, cut it out of a magazine clipping and paste it to your refrigerator, or type it in big bold letters and pin it to the center of your vision board. And LIVE IT OUT each and every day!

Again, there are a lot of words in the English language, and you may feel overwhelmed when trying to decide on the one word that you want as your 2023 mantra. And that’s okay. Writing the words that you think about, or feel a connection to, and creating an actual written list of these words will make it so much easier for you to pick out your one word for 2023. And you don’t have to decide on your word in one sitting! Complete this brain dump, this reflective and visionary exercise, and come back to it repeatedly for a few days. You may even add more words that you didn’t think of in your original sit-down, and one of these might turn into your word of the year.

Take your time, and really think about what you want in 2023, and how you want to soak up the year’s moments. Find your word and post about it on social media. Ask your friends to remind you of your word and hold you accountable for living it! Dedicate yourself to really living out your powerful, motivating, and meaningful word, because coming up with your very own word of the year will help make your 2023 completely fabulous!


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