Dear Struggling Mom


Dear Struggling Mom,

I know this last year, and maybe every year as a mom has been exhausting. You’re running on the fumes of caffeine and anxiety trying to keep up with all the impossible standards this world has set for you.

You are juggling being the best mother you can be, but also the best partner, friend, co-worker, daughter, and you constantly feel like maybe you’re failing at all of them.

I know there are some days you just want to lock yourself in your room and scream because there is only one of you and you’re being pulled in so many different directions it’s making your head spin. These days, you may feel like you just need to run away, and you end up sitting in your car in a parking space for just a couple of minutes longer because you just need a moment to breathe.

I know your to-do list seems never-ending and you constantly feel like things are being added to it like making doctor appointments, picking up groceries, remembering school assignments, is the laundry done? Do you have anything to make for dinner? And you always feel like you’re forgetting something.

I know you grapple with thoughts of being too hard on your children, thinking you’re not present enough, or patient enough, or fun enough with them.

I know you’re overburdened with the stress of working at home while the kids are schooling online or having to go to work and having your kids go in person to school and never knowing which decision is best for your family and doubting every choice you have to make.

I know all this because I feel it too.

I know you are doing your best as much as you can, and I know sometimes you break down and don’t want to do any of it anymore because I do too. We put on our mask and we look strong even though underneath we are scared, and tired, and want to hide. But we know if we don’t do it, no one will.

I want you to know, the next time you feel like you’re falling apart, that I am too. With the waves of motherhood, we all struggle and thrive at different times, we may not know each other but we have more in common than most. I may not be able to tell you that everything will be okay soon, but I can tell you that you’ve got this, and letting your guard down every now and then is okay. Being put together 100 percent of the time is overrated anyway.

Take a break when you can, cry it out. Eat some candy. Ask for help.


Your Fellow Struggling Mom


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