A Few of My Favorite Must-Have Baby Things


I often get asked what my favorite and/or must-have baby things are for having twins. Actually, I’d venture to say it’s become a weekly conversation on some level, whether it is sharing with soon-to-be parents of multiples, or just soon to-to-be parents in general. In fact, I got a text while writing this asking for suggestions for a seven-month-old!

There are also more conversations happening with parents of children right behind the ages of my twins for recommendations of what they should invest in next. Now, I don’t consider myself an expert on any of this, by any means! I think I’m just the most willing to try new things, and be completely honest about my experiences with those products. Plus, I’m always looking for ways to make our lives easier! Of course, there are many things that we have tried that just didn’t work for us and our twirls. However, the ones that have worked, have been game changers, and I would highly recommend (and DO!) to anyone headed into this phase of life. So here we go!

Top 10 must-have products for twins (or just babies in general from 0-12 months)

1) Baby Brezza: Think Keurig for the baby! Seriously, this was a life saver for us. For whatever reason, my milk supply never really came in, and when it finally did, it was a bit of a joke. So, we were left to supplement with formula, and then eventually full formula feed. We were making a gazillion bottles a day (or at least it felt like it.) Enter this magical wonder, and our lives instantly changed. Bottles ready-at the perfect temperature-at the press of a button. Can you say happy momma and daddy during those middle of the night feeds? https://babybrezza.com/

A Few of My Favorite Must-Have Baby Things
Top Pic: The twirls at 3 months old: Bottom Pic: The twirls at 11 months old

2) Pello: Now this thing is awesome. It is along the lines of what you know as the “boppy”, however it’s about ten steps above in my opinion. It doesn’t expire, and can be used from infancy all the way through to older kiddos. (Hello-my hubs and I have each been busted sitting in one from time to time!) You can customize the fabrics, and there are so many cute ones to choose from! One side is patterned, and the other is that incredibly soft luxe poly. Also, you can just toss them in the washer and dryer. Hello convenience! https://www.mypello.com//

3) Rock-N-Play: If your child has reflux, these things are a gift! With the blessing of our pediatrician, our twirls slept in these for the first few months. It helped with the pain and irritation of their reflux to keep them propped up throughout the night. Once they started sleeping in their cribs, we continued to use them to feed the twirls throughout the day if there wasn’t an extra set of hands. As they started to get bigger, and figured out to rock themselves, they loved them even more. We definitely used these things until they no longer fit in them! http://fisher-price.mattel.com

4) Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit: The sleep whisperer of baby products. If they came in adult sizes, my hubs and I would be their first and most faithful buyers. The babes have to weigh at least ten pounds, and it is recommended to start wearing them at three months. They look like space suits, but they are amazing! Our girls were breaking out of their swaddles as soon as we got them home from the NICU, so these were true life savers. They help stop the jerk reflexes, and were created by a pediatrician. Once the babes can roll over in them-you are supposed to stop using them. This was a very sad day in our house, but the transition was actually quite easy since they were used to sleeping soundly by then! https://www.magicsleepsuit.com/A Few of My Favorite Must-Have Baby Things

5) Safety 1st Walker: Walker= FREEDOM!! At least in our house, it did. The twirls wanted to be upright all the time, but they didn’t quite have the control. It became a frustration for everyone. Once we introduced these, they were content and happy as clams. They could sit up, walk/run, and have their independence without us worrying about what they were getting into. We went with these because they had enough play stuff on the tray to keep them entertained, while also giving them room to have a snack if needed.  https://www.safety1st.com/walkers.html

A Few of My Favorite Must-Have Baby Things
The hubs and Eisley rocking the Tula! She was only a few months old here, but we still use it to this day.

6) Tula Carrier: I’m pretty short. 5’3” to be exact, and finding a baby carrier that was comfortable and fit properly was time consuming and a tad frustrating. I went to our local baby store and tried on several different brands. I knew going into it that they all carried a pretty hefty price tag. So, I wanted to make sure I did my research, and bought something that would last, be comfortable for both the babe and myself, and that I could use on the front and back. I’m pleased that I went with this carrier. Living in the south, on the coast, I wanted something that wouldn’t be too heavy and cause us all to sweat even more than normal. These ticked all of those boxes, and my hubs even got one and loves it! http://babytula.com

7) Baby T-shirts: Now, everyone loves to dress their babies up all cute. But when you are home basically all day by yourself during the early months, there is really no point in dressing those cute squirmy babes up in much more than a diaper in my opinion. However, you have to keep them warmer than that! So, hunting for and finding (or just creating them myself with a pair of scissors and chopping the crotches right off the cute onesies) was one of my favorite hacks. It cuts down on the time and frustrations of matching the snaps up. Just throw on a T-shirt/cut off onesie, some socks and a diaper, and things become way easier. Once they have some meat on their bones, white Gerber t-shirts are the cheapest and easiest way to go! https://www.amazon.com/Gerber White T-Shirt

8) Magnetic Onesies: Remember all those snaps I mentioned above….well, these magnetic onesies are incredible. However, they are pricey. But, my hubs (and me too) was so over having to snap and re-snap because of realizing that they were misaligned once we got down to the last one. If you can spend the money on them, they are worth it. We only had a few, hence the chopping of the onesies. https://www.amazon.com/Magnetic Onesies

A Few of My Favorite Must-Have Baby Things
Molly loving her Snap and Shop Tray

9) Snap and Shop Tray: Shopping always seems easier if there are snacks available at the ready. But, its not exactly easy or convenient to constantly be handing them puffs or cheerios or fruit pouches. However, the snap and shop tray has been fantastic! You just hook it onto the handle of the cart, and take the lid off. Two compartments make it easy to put different options in for the kiddos to choose from. https://www.snapandshoptray.com/

10)  Buggy Bench: Now that the girls are a tad older and venturing to the store doesn’t seem like as much of a chore because they can sit in the buggy, this product has been a shopping game changer. Not all buggy’s have spots for two, so inevitably, someone gets stuck in the back of the cart. In comes the Buggy Bench, and now we have two comfy seats! It is awesome, and the girls love it. http://www.buggybench.com/

A Few of My Favorite Must-Have Baby Things

*DISCLAIMER: This post is in NO WAY sponsored or endorsed by any of these products/companies. These are truly my favorite products to date!

I’d love to hear what your favorite must-haves are! What else can I add to the list to simplify our crazy baby life?


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