Four Ways to Prepare Your Yard for Spring – Before Planting


    Once the snow melted in January (I still find that surreal) I was ready for spring. But, my husband reminded me to slow down because February still gives us freezing temperatures and March can bring cloudy days. While I wait for longer days of sunshine and accompanying breezes, I have decided to be proactive in preparing for warm, spring days.

    Four Ways to Prepare Your Yard for Spring - Before Planting

    Four ways to prep your garden and lawn for those spring flowers

    Organize your shed
    When was the last time that you stepped into your shed? If you’re like me, you haven’t stepped in since. . .well, before Thanksgiving. This is the time to take a look at what you have in your shed and dust off your lawn mower. Go ahead and toss out those moisture-ridden lawn bags and pull out that patio furniture. This is also the perfect time to sharpen the blades on your lawn mower and double-check whether your tools need to be repaired or replaced.

    Clear out fallen leaves and dead plants.
    Would you begin any project without clearing away your work space? Your yard or garden should be no different.  Take a look at what you may have neglected during the winter months and clear it all away. Even if you don’t plan on creating much of a garden, by doing this task you’ll encourage grass to grow with the fresh air and sun.

    Last fall and winter, we completely neglected our yard because we were much too occupied with our newborn. Now that she can handle playing on her own in her pack and play, I was able to fill 12 bags of leaves from our back yard.  It is amazing how clean the backyard looks now.

    Clear Away Young Spring Weeds
    Step outside and take a look at what appears to be green grass sprouting up. Odds are that there are more weeds than fresh grass.  This is the perfect time to weed because roots are shallow and actual grass is still brown enough that you can clearly see where to start pulling weeds.  You can also go ahead and clear up any ant piles that may be appearing.

    Fix Fences, Gates and Trellises
    This is the ideal time to fix those eyesores of pieces of wood that have been neglected.  The snow and other moisture from the past few months can damage wood and weaken it.  If you work now, you won’t be disturbing your new plants’ roots or wasting precious sunlight on dull and time-consuming tasks. 

    By doing these four basic tasks, you’ll be ready to begin planning your garden and putting those new garden gloves to use once spring officially arrives.

    Four Ways to Prepare Your Yard for Spring - Before Planting

    Do you have any pre-spring tips that have helped made your gardens lush and yards worth of your neighbors envy? Be sure to share them in the comments!