Hanahan, How I Love You…


    My husband and I moved to Charleston in 2004 with no children.  We lived in Mt Pleasant and frequented the beaches, downtown, and Mt P.  That was our Charleston!

    Cut to this year: we are two kids deep and looking for a home to lay down some roots.  Our realtor mentioned Hanahan, primarily Tanner Plantation. I had heard of the area, but didn’t know much about Hanahan.  It seemed far away. Our only personal reference to the city was driving through it to get to Cypress Gardens and getting a speeding ticket.

    After speaking with locals and exploring the area, we found out that Hanahan was the right place for our family.  The city is quaint, family-friendly, and convenient to everything.  Great schools and lower taxes!  SCORE!  We moved into a lovely neighborhood that is full of families and we got the gold standard of neighbors.

    After a day of driving all over the Charleston area in the hustle of traffic, we exit off 526, hit the “Welcome to Hanahan” sign and things slow down.  There is no traffic here.  It’s like stepping back in time.  You see neighbors at the gas stations and grocery stores.  The beaches are 20 minutes away and downtown is 15 minutes.

    Hanahan has a lot of family-friendly activities as well as having top schools and great sports programs.

    ** Our public library is so adorable and has fun activities and a great children’s section.***Library

    **Parks!  We are just a short drive to Riverfront park, Duck pond in Park Circle, and Wanamaker is around the corner, just to list a few…***

    **We have an amphitheater!  This place is amazing!***


    Everything is convenient to our neighborhood.  Grocery stores, restaurants and even my daughter’s dance studio!

    Who knew how lovely this town is.  Hanahan, SC, thanks for welcoming us and making us feel right at home and at ease.