I’m a PROUD Girl Mom…Please Stop Asking If We Wish We Had a Boy!


When my husband Aaron and I first found out that we were pregnant after dealing with infertility due to PCOS, we were both SO excited to welcome our first child into our family.  Girl or boy, it didn’t matter as long as our baby was healthy.

At our 15 week ultrasound we decided that if the baby cooperated, we both wanted to find out the gender. My heart was instantly filled with love when she told us that we would be welcoming a daughter as our firstborn!

From the moment we brought Ava home I just LOVED being a girl mom…dressing her up, playing dolls with her, singing songs in the car together.

Then 4.5 years later the ultrasound tech told us once again…”it’s a girl” and not one hint of sadness entered my thoughts. I was SO elated that Ava would have a sister and a best friend for life to grow up with.

Honestly; after our second daughter Amelia (“Mia”) was born we decided that we weren’t going to “try” for another baby but if we got pregnant we would joyfully welcome a third child.

When Amelia was 2.5 we found ourselves welcoming our third daughter Alexandra (“Allie”) into our family and we could not have felt more blessed that it was another girl.

Often when I’m out with all three girls people will make comments like…”Man, I bet your husband hopes the next one is a boy!” or “Wow! Three girls…your poor husband.” And my least favorite of all “You’re going to try again so you can have a boy, right?” As if our family is incomplete without a son?

Our house is filled with so much joy, laughter, glitter, pink, Barbies, American Girl dolls, and dresses, and my husband and I both love it all! Sure, there is also a lot of tears, drama, fighting, and screaming…BUT we have never felt that our family was not complete because we were only given daughters.

I can’t imagine our lives any other way, as I’m sure any mommas of all boys feel the same way. I feel so blessed that these three sisters have each other to grow up with, to lean on, to laugh with, to have sleepovers with, to share inside jokes with, and to love.

So, the next time you see a momma out with her kids who are all the same gender why not say something positive like…”Wow! Three girls…how special!”

I’d love to hear what comments you’ve heard if you’re a mom of kids who are all the same gender.