Make This Day Count


Everyday I wake up planning to go for a run. Having just completed my first half-marathon a few weeks ago, I am now considered a runner. I know my body needs exercise, but my brain can’t quite handle it. I know I should do it first thing in the morning, yet I just can’t bring myself to. I tell myself that I have too much to do on this day, I’m gearing up for my daughter’s birthday party, have meetings to go to, work to do, and a blog to write. So I extend the “I’ll go running tomorrow” one more day.    

make this day count

I was never much of an athlete. My brothers are, but I’m stuck in the middle, like the gooey center of an Oreo. Here is what I do know though. I can be productive today, even though I let myself down on the exercising. I’m writing my blog, I’ll clean the house for the party, go to my meeting with make-up on (total mom win, by the way.) I’ll pick my kids up from school and get them where they need to be today, help them with their homework, and have supper on the stove sometime this evening.

As moms, often times we are filled with indecision and guilt. Should we stay at home or go to work full-time; try to exercise or do something else with that time; have a play date or go shopping. Should we add an extracurricular activity to our kid’s schedule or take something away. These thoughts are in my head everyday. The answer that is right for me, may not be the one that is right for you.

Today, I want to encourage the mom out there that feels like it might be time to shake things up. If you feel that the current path you are on needs to change, talk about it. Please don’t let the wants and needs that you have get swept under the rug like yesterday’s dust hold you back. Trust that your family can grow and change with you. I always thought that once you made a decision with your job that there was no going back. I was a career Banker until I moved to South Carolina and became an Interior Decorator. The move was a big deal, but since I felt the need to stay home with my kids in a totally new state to make sure they acclimated well, I changed what I did to support them.

Now that they are settled in and involved in all sorts of activities, I think I may go back to work full-time. I have no idea what I’ll do, but I feel that I need to go back to work. My husband graciously supports me on this, knowing that with me working our household duties will change. He understands the feelings that I have and supports me. This is not everyone’s story, but it is mine. I am going to make this day count. I am going to do everything I can today to complete the tasks that I have so that I can look for a job in my down time.

What are you going to do to make this day count?

Do you feel the need to speak up and share a desire to change something in your life? Do you want to start exercising and eating healthier in order to feel better? Do you need a change in careers, or do you want to cuddle your kids a little closer? Don’t wait around for someone else to magically understand the needs in your heart. Make it known so that the ones around you can support your endeavors and help you be the best you possible.

We all have insecurities and they will grow if we don’t speak to how we feel.  I encourage you to write a goal today and take a step in that direction. If I focus on what I can do today to make it easier to accomplish my goals for tomorrow (like my running), then I’ll be less likely to put them off. I am determined to make today count so that I can have a better tomorrow. You might be surprised how invigorating a little determination can be. Maybe not as invigorating as a three mile run…but I’ll work hard today so that I’ll get to it tomorrow.