Mamas, How You Look Does Matter


So you’ve grown a baby inside of you or went to the ends of the Earth to adopt your child and start a family, and now you’ve listened to society and decided you no longer are worthy of being a person. Your only purpose is to make sure those children you’ve been entrusted with have every single thing society says they need. I’ve heard countless stories from adults talking about how wonderful their mom was growing up and how she never did anything for herself. She seems so selfless and the epitome of a hero.

I was once there. When my babies were little, I couldn’t remember if I’d brushed my teeth some days, let alone if I had showered or put on mascara. I gave everything I had to them every second of every day. Every day seemed the same. I had lost myself. I felt guilty buying clothes, accessories, makeup, anything for just me. Taking a bath was of the ultimate luxury. More than five minutes to get ready every day? A dream of a past life.

Most of us are happy to get out of the house without some sort of bodily fluid on our clothes. Anything beyond that is just icing on the cake. We stare longingly at women who look put together and hide our ill-fitting clothes and dirty hair. It’s even taken on a life of it’s own. Almost a badge of honor to look like a wreck of a human. I have even heard women say, when they see a mama that looks like they’ve just survived a hurricane, they know she is a good mom because she puts her kids first in everything. What?! No!!! I see an overworked, over-stressed mama who is struggling. Who has lost herself. Who doesn’t feel worthy.

I’m here to tell you that how you look does matter. Of course it’s what’s on the inside that counts, but what is the best indication of what’s happening on the inside? How you take care of yourself on the outside. You would never go to work looking that way. This is your work, and your children are who see you. You want them to see a mama who takes care of herself because when your cup is full, it’s easier to fill everyone else’s cups.

I’m not saying we all need to look like Beyonce rocking the red carpet every day of our lives. However, we can look like we love ourselves and make time for ourselves. There are so many ways to look and feel put together, and I can’t wait to share some mom style hacks in future posts!! For now, know that you are worthy of taking time for yourself. You deserve the extra work it takes to take care of yourself. I know you’re tired. I know you have given everything you have. All I’m asking is for you to take five to ten minutes every single day to do something that makes you feel good and look put together. You know all of those people who have offered to help? Call them! Bring in the village! Put on some lipstick and rock your day!

Photo by Palmetto Snapshots
Photo by Palmetto Snapshots

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  1. This article is judgmental and superficial. In no way can I see this inspiring any mothers or women anywhere. Maybe your personal “cup” involves how you look on the outside but others “cups” may look very different and involved deeper values. I picture you judging all the moms without makeup on or their hair in a “mom bun.” and that is frankly sad. We should be accepting each other regardless of how we dress or look or frankly smell somedays. Articles like this make moms feel worse about themselves and not better. I am curious about the driving force behind writing and publishing this article. It honestly sounds like a man wrote it who has no idea what moms go through on a daily basis to take care of 2, 3,4,5+ people a day. I’m all in support of moms taking time for themselves but it doesn’t have to be in relationship to what people see on the outside. Good and happy moms wear yoga pants, skinny jeans, perfect hair, messy buns, high heels, flats, bare faces, and perfect eyeliner. None of this matters and I would like to see articles with a little more content in the future.

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