Map Needed


Ever wish someone would hand you a road map for your life? Ideally, a map that did not need an Einstein to help fold it back up! The amount of money I would pay for someone to hand me a map of my life and say, “Ok, Ali, turn right in three days and then hang a left and that will take you to your next destination…”

We search and search for guidance on what is right for our lives and then when we become parents, we search for what the next step is for our children. So now we need multiple map layers – one for ourselves and another for our children that are relying on our guidance. Or do we teach our children that there is no map? Once again….could use a map for some guidance 🙂

“Eat, Pray, Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert and “Wild” by Cheryl Strayed are two wildly popular movies/books that address this exact topic.  Women are particularly drawn to these stories. I believe it is because we are always searching for our meaning in this world and how to be happier, smarter, better, prettier moms (insert just about any adjective that marketers have led us to believe we need to be more of).

map needed map needed


“Wild” actually caused a “wild” effect where thousands of people (many women) decided to hike the Pacific Crest Trail (all 2,650 miles of it). Did they do it in search of their own road map of life? Maybe they have their own reasons, but if following the author’s quest, then most likely the hike’s purpose is to help them escape from the day to day world that we are caught up in and provide clarity in the direction that they need for their life.

Those of us (like me) that have decided that hiking will only provide us the insight into unique places to poop and what dehydrated food tastes like are left with the quest of where to find our direction and our clarity….our life road map.

I would love to now plug the sale of my new life road map that will give you direction without having to hike the PCT or spend all of your savings traveling around the world, but my invention is still in its “development” stage. I am still searching for my personal life road map – still looking for my guidance. So I have made peace with the fact that I will not find it for sale at the closest Shell station and am learning how to take each day moment by moment and see where I am taken on this quest of life.  

Digging deep in my soul and knowing to never compare my glutes to the newest Instagram celebrity or compare my decorating with my Pinterest board is the current motto of my life road map….and so far it is bringing me a sense of peace (when I remember to follow it!)

Have you found your road map?