Meet Team CMB, part 1


Today, we’re going to introduce some of our fabulous Charleston Moms Blog writers! We are lucky to have a diverse group of moms writing for us. Each of them has unique stories and experiences to share. We hope you enjoy reading a little about them.  A big thank you to all 9 of these wonderful, talented ladies for sharing their time and talent with CMB!

Ashley BioAshley

Navigating motherhood and entrepreneurship, Ashley T. Caldwell is a first time mom to her brand new 6 week old daughter. She is the CEO and founder of The Modern Connection, a social media and digital marketing firm, and the founder of Generation Smart, a non-profit centered on keeping kids and teens safe online. Hailing originally from Colorado, she happily calls Charleston home with her boyfriend and his twin 9-year-old daughters.

* Guilty pleasure: Taylor Swift, hard cider and HGTV
* Favorite thing to do in Charleston: slowing down to take in local scenery (and maybe a bottle of wine too)
* Can’t live without: my iPhone, Google calendar and sunscreen
* Pet peeve: those who complain about their lot in life yet do nothing to change it
* If you could be any celebrity mom for one day, who would you be and why? I’d like to stay me and then be BFFs with Kristen Bell. I love her stance on protecting her kids from the media and not obsessing about unhealthy postpartum weight loss.


Brandi Brandi Bio

Brandi is married to her firefighter husband, Dru and together they are homeschooling their two girls Ila (5) and Sylvia (2). She is a consultant for LuLaRoe and absolutely loves it! She loves working with other women, especially moms, and helping them find simple ways to incorporate style into their daily lives.

* Guilty Pleasure- Binge watching Netflix until way past her bedtime.
* Favorite thing to do in Charleston- Explore downtown with no agenda and of course, the beach!!
* Can’t live without- My village and unfortunately, my phone.
* Pet Peeve- Passive aggressiveness.
* If you could be any celebrity mom for a day, who would it be and why? Gwen Stefani because I’ve wanted to be Gwen Stefani since I was 12!


Brigid BioBrigid

Brigid is the founder of Charleston Moms Blog. She lives in Mount Pleasant with her 1 1/2 year old, Abigail, and her Naval Officer husband, Don. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Brigid is a southern belle at heart.

* Guilty pleasure: Reality tv, chocolate chip cookies, celebrity gossip
* Favorite thing to do in Charleston: Exploring downtown, playing at the Children’s Museum, trying new restaurants.
* Can’t live without: My iPhone, my planner, retail therapy, cute baby clothes
* Pet peeve: Tardiness, when people chew with their mouths open
* If you could be any celebrity mom for one day, who would you be? Jessica Alba because who wouldn’t want to be in charge of a $1 billion company? Or Jessica Biel, so that I could fulfill my teenage dream of marrying Justin Timberlake.


Gervase BioGervase

Certified Life Coach Gervase Kolmos is a proud momma, happy wife and passionate entrepreneur. She started Shiny. Happy. Human. over a year ago to start a movement of empowered mothers who believe that by designing an identity apart from “Mommy!” and
telling the truth about the shiny, happy and HUMAN moments of motherhood, we can bring back the proverbial village. While she’s originally from Queens, New York, she now lives in West Ashley with her family and six chickens (yes, chickens).

* Guilty pleasure: Naps, champagne and cookies
* Favorite thing to do in Charleston: Family bike rides on the West Ashley Greenway and exploring the city
* Can’t live without: My tribe, Google calendar, coffee
* Pet peeve: Whining.
* If you could be any celebrity mom for one day, who would you be and why? Sarah Jessica Parker seems pretty down to earth, while still retaining her personal identity. I’d say her or Beyonce, because…Beyonce.

Jennifer BlogJennifer

Jennifer lives in Mount Pleasant with her husband, 2 daughters, rescue calico cat Callie, and 6 mo old Golden Retriever Dexter (yes named after the show). Born in the small town of Dillon SC, she grew up mostly in Charleston. She also spent time living in Key West & San Fransisco. She is a professional photographer specializing in portraiture & fine art photography.
* Guilty pleasure: Moscato, horror movies, tattoos, & The Golden Girls (Sophia was the best!)
* Favorite thing to do in Charleston: strolling and shooting images of the historic streets & buildings of Downtown.
* Things she can’t live without: her camera, vanilla iced coffee, & Instagram (follow @jcollinsphotog)
* Pet peeve: laziness
* If she could be one celebrity mom for one day it would be: Gwen Stefani because she has an amazing voice and her style rocks (literally!)


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