How and Why Mom Blogs Benefit More Than Just You


*Thank you to Linda Stacey for this great article about the importance of mom blogs! 

There are days when I sit back and think, “What did we do without the Internet?” However, even more recently, I’ve been wondering how in the world we survived without mommy blogs. I mean, think about it. We make connections, we share our failures, we praise about our successes and we love to talk about our kids. What better way to survive motherhood than to have access to like-minded moms blogging about their daily ups and downs?

Yes, we spend a lot of time online, and yes, we may even gripe a bit too much, but what we gain is so much more beneficial. If you’re new to the mom blog scene, let me fill you in on why they can benefit both you and your children.

The benefits of mom blogs

  1. Encouragement for what we do and how we do it

Have you ever just had one of those days when you needed someone to say, “You’re not in this whole mom thing alone?” Each and every time I’m reading articles from moms just like me, I gain the courage to keep trudging along, especially when my toddler refuses to take a nap, or my tween is testing my nerves. It’s important to find encouragement as a parent – it’s not an easy task. That’s why I spend time reading through the comments, articles, and messages on each and every blog about motherhood that I subscribe to. I get the encouragement I need and I feel less alone. As a result, I become a better parent – even just for a moment – and my kids reap the benefits. After recently reading about a mom who was struggling to potty train her independent three-year old, I felt a little less like a failure because I’m in the same situation. We exchanged messages with tips and shared advice that I may not have been able to find from anyone else.

  1. Support when we need it the most

I’m happy to report that I have gained friendships with my mom blog pals that have lasted for years. Just one comment or social media post can lead to bonds that cannot be broken. As a result from connecting with those in the mommy blogging realm, I’ve gotten to know not only wonderful ladies across the world, but also those who are close to home.

I’m not the only one who benefits from the support these pals bring me. My children have new friends for play dates and my husband enjoys spending time with other dads who understand the challenges of parenting. This support is tri-fold for my family and I attribute my sanity at times to this unique group of friends that stemmed from reading and reacting to mom blogs.

  1. Instant advice you can’t find anywhere else

Imagine cradling a sick little one at 3 a.m. and you’re not sure what else to do. Of course in emergency situations I usually call my pediatrician, but if my toddler has a mild cold, I turn to mom blogs. I can get instant feedback and advice when my daughter flushes a toy down the toilet, or when my son eats a crayon. In fact, we were even able to connect with a nanny service based on a referral from another mom.

Not only do I look to mommy blogs for advice, but the sites are also a good resource when I’m out of fresh ideas for activities. How do I entertain my seven-year old when it’s time to put away the electronics? What outdoor activities keep your kids from fighting? What interesting field trips are available in my area? I can answer all of these questions and more instantly when browsing articles and comments on my favorite mom blogs.

  1. Money the entire family can save

Before I discovered the value of mommy blogging advice and expertise, I used to spend so much money buying parenting books and activity sets for my kids. Now, all I have to do is search online and find what tactics, strategies, and playtime adventures other moms are engaging in on a daily basis. And … the best part is that I’m saving money for my entire family to enjoy. My husband and children reap the benefits of the money we’ve saved.

I’ve learned to close down the Amazon app and seek to my trusted mom blog sites to find exactly what I need. From recipes, cleaning schedules, and kid-friendly activities, to advice on how to be a better parent, I’m helping my entire family seek out resources that are affordable, or better yet, free.

  1. Successes vs. mistakes on a daily basis

I’ll admit that I’m not a perfect parent, but honestly, I would be much worse as the guardian of my children if I didn’t learn from the advice of other moms. Blogs with topics on mistakes to avoid have literally saved me and safeguarded my children. For example, I had no idea about some of the risks involved with daily play. I’m gaining knowledge that ultimately allows me to provide a safer, child-proofed home, a cleaner environment, and a much more calm demeanor because of the trial and error tales I’ve read from other mothers. Instead of making the same mistakes other mothers have, I can learn from it, sympathize with them, encourage them, support them, and then avoid taking the same actions. The advice is so valuable to me, my children, and my entire family as a whole.

  1. A resource I treasure

While one of the obvious benefits of having access to mommy blogging sites is the convenience – I mean, I can look up advice on my phone while the chaos surrounds me – the blessing is that my family benefits. My children are learning how to be more creative and independent because of the advice and tips I’ve received. My husband is learning how to maximize quality time with all of us, and I am continuously learning how to balance life as a busy parent. Thank you, mom blogs. I owe you one.

About the Author

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