Mom to See in the 843: ABC News 4 Meteorologist, Emily Gracey


She’s up by 2am and on your TV screen before dawn. Every day, ABC News 4 Meteorologist Emily Gracey cheerfully delivers the latest forecast to thousands of local viewers. When she’s not tracking storms or chatting about the weather, she’s a devoted wife and mom of two little ones, Aaron and Addison. I sat down with Emily for a behind-the-scenes glimpse into TV, parenting, and life in the Lowcountry.

CMB: How did you get started in meteorology? Did you know science/weather was your passion from a very young age?

I’ve loved weather my whole life, and have always been fascinated with tornados and hurricanes.  When I was 14, I saw Twister, and that was it, my career was decided!

CMB: Describe an average workday at ABC News 4.

My alarm goes off at 2am, I get to work around 3am and usually have to pump (I’m still breastfeeding my 10-month-old!) Then I work on my forecast, graphics, radio hits, hair and makeup before we go on air at 5am.  I do weather for both the ABC and Fox stations so we are on air until 9am. During the show, I get a lot done with social media and the web. After the early shows, I get a break to pump again, go to meetings, and eat some lunch before we go back on the air for Lowcountry Live at 10am. By 11am, I’m usually heading home and my day as a mom is just beginning!

CMB: What is the biggest misconception you hear about working in your field?

People think my job is a lot more glamorous than it is!  They tend to think we make a lot of money and have makeup artists and stylists. The truth is, I am doing my own hair and makeup and shopping the clearance racks for good deals like everyone else.  

CMB: How did your career change when you became a mom?

The biggest change was perspective. I enjoy my career even more now because it’s not my whole life. I can do my job well, then go home and not let work stresses bother me because I have a beautiful family that reminds me what is important in life.

CMB: What’s your self-care routine?

I attempt to sneak in an at-home workout or yoga session while the baby sleeps and my son is in school, but it’s not very consistent. I do a lot of cooking and meal prep but the best thing I do for myself is attempt to get to bed early. Sleep is everything!

CMB: Share your favorite kid-friendly restaurants in the Charleston area.
I think Charleston is a very kid-friendly place to eat.  Most restaurants are very accommodating. I live on James Island so we are frequent patrons of Zia and Crust. I also love Bohemian Bull, HomeTeam and Lewis BBQ with the kids.

CMB: What’s your go-to local spot for date night? 

Trattoria Lucca or Wild Olive for dinner and then Jeni’s for an ice cream cone.

CMB: What do you love most about being on TV?
It’s fun! I don’t have to sit at a desk for eight hours a day. I also love when people recognize me out and about and ask me about the weather!

Catch Emily every weekday on ABC News 4’s Good Morning Charleston (5-7am), Fox (7-9am), and Lowcountry Live (10-11am). And, follow her on Facebook!

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