Mommas in the Beautiful Chaos: We See You


Being a stay-at-home mom is not for the faint of heart.

Every waking moment (and some sleeping) is spent on little people who are constantly getting their needs met from us. Mornings and nights become switched. We find ourselves in the same clothes as yesterday as the days blur together. Our hair hasn’t seen real shampoo in over a week. And straighteners? What are those?

Sometimes, the dream-life we are living (you know the one we always prayed for) begins to feel like a suffocating box where we can’t organize our thoughts and feelings. All we can do is get our children another snack, turn on another show, or try to put them down for another nap so you can have a few minutes to ourselves.

We feel overwhelmed.

We feel tired.

We feel like someone other than the 20 something-year-old we used to be, full of life, confidence, and excitement for the future.

What happened to her?

The space between who we are now and who we were before the beautiful chaos began feels so distant.

We are afraid to verbalize how we feel because we do not want our family to feel like we don’t love them all because we miss her.

Mommas, when we feel this way, we need to know it is completely normal and this stage will pass.

Though we will be excited for the next stage where our children are more capable, we understand that this stage is sweet in its own way and contains moments with our babies we will never get back.

We will find ourselves again in the midst of the sweet chaos.

We will remember the hopes and dreams of why we started a family before the process itself distracted us from the goodness of our lives.