My Prayer for You During This Uncertain Time


My Prayer for You in the Time of COVID-19 Charleston Moms (1)I know we don’t all have the same beliefs. Even my own faith is a work in progress. But, quite often we say, “I’ll pray for you,” or someone will share this same gesture with us and then it’s left unknown for the receiving party whether the needed words are ever really spoken or not.

In this current time of uncertainty, worry, and fear, I can no longer fight the urge to want to pray for all of you:

Dear Lord,

Thank you for the breath in our lungs today. Please help our minds to find peace in these difficult times. Give us strength where we find the most struggle and hope where we may feel the most hopeless. Lord, help us with overpowering fear find the faith to conquer our battles. Let it be the faith found in you, Lord, in our own health and wellness, or in the support of those around us that fills our arsenal and allows us to come out on top of everything holding us down. Fill our hearts with courage, grace, and patience in times so uncertain. Lord, I ask that as Satan uses this virus against us, you continue to help us fight back by opening our eyes to all of the good you still give and help us live each day by the gratitude we have for it. Help us to find a spiritual inhale to help us exhale all the worry that may be consuming us. Lord, help us to just breathe.


I know it can’t be easy, but I hope you can find the faith to overcome the fear. I hope that you can seek out the existing positives to outweigh the easy to find negatives. And I hope that you can live enjoying today, the here and now, and let the uncertainties of the future play themselves out.

P.S. If you are anything like me, you can be moved by music. I have listed a few of my most favorite worship songs that speak deep into my soul in times like these. Even if you don’t find yourself to be religious, I encourage you to give them a quick listen.

See a Victory

Chain Breaker


Good Good Father

For more local and national resources to help you and your family through this unpredictable time, check out Charleston Moms Resource Guide for COVID-19.