Pediatric Hair Solutions: Your Answer to an “Itchy” Problem

This post is sponsored by Pediatric Hair Solutions, however, all opinions expressed are our own.

It’s time to pull the veil back. Expose the ugly. Live authentically.

We had lice.

Whew. There. I said it. I can totally have a flair for the dramatic, but it was one of the most annoying and frustrating things we have dealt with in our family. I realize, it’s not life-threatening, but it affects everything around you. The Forbes Family has so much hair, it literally took FIVE HOURS to comb through my oldest son’s hair. And, of course, you feel dirty and itchy all the time. And the laundry! So when I had the opportunity to check out Pediatric Hair Solutions, I jumped at the chance.

Nurse Haley met me at the office and got right to the truth: lice do not discriminate. Clean hair, dirty hair, no product, lots of product, hair dryer users, or air dryers; they do not care. There is not even a season they prefer, although summer has the highest incidence because of camps. And also, the over-the-counter treatments are no longer effective, because lice are sneaky, and have become resistant to it. Great, huh?! I know this is not very encouraging, but it levels the playing field, right? We all need to know how to handle these critters if we should ever have to navigate this… stuff.

The good news

Here comes all the good news: Pediatric Hair Solutions, an MD and RN owned gift to all parents. They have an approximately one-hour program that guarantees a lice free head for thirty days. The prices range from $85- $260 depending on the involvement of their trained experts. The treatment can be paid for by FSA/HSA/care credit or maybe even insurance reimbursement!

The process

The three-step process is simple. A solution is placed on the scalp that suffocates the lice. It is followed by the FloSonix, a medical device, that dehydrates the eggs and eliminates the combing drama. The last step is a quick comb-out to remove the casings. The angels at Pediatric Hair Solutions will recommend optional follow-up care to prevent reinfestation. Done and done.

Pediatric Hair Solutions

And as if that wasn’t enough…what I learned about the awesome staff makes it all even better. While there, I met Heather. A mom who got lice from her darling child, just after having surgery for a double mastectomy. She first made a stop at another competing facility and it did not work. Heather then found Pediatric Hair Solutions.

Pediatric Hair Solutions

They not only treated her (and other members of her family) but because she had just had surgery, the staff took the time to help her with her post lice treatment soaks since she was unable to wash her hair on her own. 

“Ashley has been so gentle and caring,” Heather said of her experience. I could hear in her voice just how grateful she was to have this one part of her life taken care of in the middle of a tough season. 

And that’s all any mom wants when it comes to lice. We want to feel normal. Like we didn’t neglect our children. Pediatric Hair Solutions is an incredible resource and option for those of us wading through the unknowns of lice. Because it may happen one day. You look over and see your child scratching like their scalp in on fire. You check, you google, and it’s true. Lice. Take a deep breath and don’t panic. There is hope in the form of Pediatric Hair Solutions.

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