Sorry Not Sorry (Let’s Stop Apologizing Unnecessarily)


    Have you noticed how many times a day that we, as women, say “sorry”? Now maybe you are an exception to this, and if that is the case, then I salute you. But listen to other women, listen to yourself, and reflect upon how many times a day there is an insignificant “sorry.”

    We say “sorry” when we take too long in the bathroom, “sorry” for our house being a mess, “sorry” we are wearing sweats to the grocery store, “sorry” we did not put makeup on today. Why are we sorry? Are we sorry because we are insecure that people are seeing us makeup free and with elastic waistband pants on? Are we sorry because we were busy raising kids, working, driving, planning, and taking care of ourselves that we did not get around to cleaning our house? That is B.S. We should not be sorry for any of that. Instead, we, as women, need to be secure enough to say, I am balancing a lot and doing an amazing job at it and I am NOT SORRY for the dishes in the sink, or my messy bun because I have not washed my hair in three days.

    Sorry Not Sorry (Let's Stop Apologizing Unnecessarily)

    Why do we say sorry so much?

    It could be a learned behavior, possibly from our own moms. Or it could be a sign of insecurity or fear, or that we need to be validated. Recognize when it is truly time to be sorry and use it in only those situations. It will be far more meaningful then saying sorry because you held up a grocery store line buying twenty different bulk bin items and the clerk has to input everything manually. Instead say “thank you for your patience.” If you accidentally bump into someone in the aisle then instead of “sorry” say “pardon me” or “excuse me.” It is time to break the I AM SORRY habit!  

    Do yourself, your kids, and your fellow women a favor and take three minutes to watch this video from Mel Robbins about how to stop saying “sorry.” Share it, and let’s create a movement where sorry is only used when truly needed.  

    Oh, and this is a short blog piece and I am not sorry about that! 

    Sorry Not Sorry (Let's Stop Apologizing Unnecessarily)