The Grocery List (For Him) & A Free Printable!


Let me paint a picture for you. You’re a working mom, with a messy house, kids screaming and hanging off of your arms. “Mooooooom! I’m hungrrrryyy!” You peek in the fridge to see some celery, spinach, sparkling water, and condiments. Who wants celery sticks coated in mustard for dinner?!

Your partner in crime offers to go to the new Whole Foods in West Ashley while you take a load off. Such a saving grace, he even pours you a glass of wine. Then he’s off to the store with your list in hand. Easy peasy. You’ve got a show on, kids settled with their favorite Batman cartoon. Ahhhhh, living the life.

Mr. comes home with an armload of groceries, most of them were on your list. You scan the items as you put them away, each in their respective place. Fruity O’s? What? Small version of Dave’s Killer Bread? Why? 


If a scenario like this has ever happened in your house, you know what I mean here.

Sometimes the store might truly not have an item in stock, of course. Although, there have been plenty of times where I go back to the same store the next day and there is not a chance that they didn’t have these items on hand. Don’t get me wrong, I am over the moon that my husband is willing to take a load off of my shoulders by running for the grocery haul. Wouldn’t it be even better if he could come home with the exact items I would normally purchase? I am doing most of the food prep and cooking after all.

Then an idea was born. I present to you the picture-perfect shopping list for him. This shopping list isn’t meant for every household. It was created for mine. Feel free to use this idea and create the list to match your own household shopping tendencies. There are boxes to list out produce, as these items should be no problem. The shelf, refrigerated, and frozen items are usually where we wind up with variations depending on who does the shopping. Plus, plenty of space for notes.

Let me know what you think in the comments below, and don’t forget to share with that friend who needs it most!

P.S. This idea was originally husband approved. Here are his comments today:

Instead of kombucha, why not just drink dishwater? It probably tastes better. And for crying out loud, when I’ve brought home the wrong thing, I’ve asked the grocery boy to find the right one and he’s told me they don’t have it, most of the time

Click on the image to go to the grocery list! 
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