The One Looking Back at Me


I looked in the mirror the other day and almost didn’t recognize the girl staring back at me. I mean, there was a GREY HAIR coming out of her eyebrow. EW! And when did those 20 new wrinkles just pop up on her forehead? And how did she seemingly gain 10 pounds overnight? Who is this lady?

And as I stared her in the eyes, I realized although her outside might be a little worn and weathered, her inside was the strongest it had ever been.


She knows what she wants out of life…more family time and less work time. More love and less drama. More experiences and fewer possessions. Security over desire. Laughter over sadness. Happiness over anger. 

She knows true love is more than infatuation and romance…sharing laughs. Sharing passions. Loving the same things. Supporting each other always. Balancing each other. Compromise. 

She knows what she wants to wear….trendy but comfy. Age-appropriate but still something her daughter wants to wear. NO crop tops or stilettos or low rise jeans. Lots of soft and stretchy and colorful.

She knows what brings her joy……..Budweiser and not fancy brews. Early to bed and not an all-nighter. Small gatherings with friends over so-loud-you-have-to-scream bars. The sounds of children’s laughter over the sounds of adult’s complaints. A really, really good cupcake instead of a keto diet (hence the 10 pounds). 

She knows the meaning of the word priceless….a really good sunset with her family. Health for all that she loves. Feeling pride and peace when she drives down her street towards her home. Friends that are there for you through it all. 

And, in turn, she knows where to spend her dollars. Vacations. A concert. A really good meal with her husband. Streaming services for all those early nights. Anything that builds memories and tradition with her babies. Anything that gives those babies the best chance of success in life.

She may be wrinkled. And larger than she was. And filled with greys. But she is also lighter in spirit. Filled with love. And wiser in all the things that truly matter.

So when, at first glance in the mirror, you find all the faults and all the things that you wish were not so, look deeper in and know that those internal things are all that matters in this world. Celebrate those. Cherish those. And remember those may not be visible in the reflection but are visible to all that surrounds you. And that, my friends, is the only reflection that matters!


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