The Power of Uncertainty


As a mom, uncertainty is pretty much a given. Will my child like this. eat that, do well there? Am I doing this whole motherhood thing right? (Spoiler alert: if your child is fed and loved, you are!) And sometimes often we are faced with decisions that feel really difficult to make, with the answers we need and so desperately want outside of our control.

When we started hearing about Hurricane Florence making it’s way towards the Carolinas, the questions started. Should we stay? Should we evacuate? Where should we go if we leave? What if it takes a really long time to be able to get back after the storm passes? What if we lose power for an extended amount of time? And on. And on. And on. Nature is pretty much the last thing we have control over, and if you’re in any way a bit of a control freak like me, you feel powerless. Useless. The words “catastrophic” “epic” and “disaster” are used on the regular and trying to keep up with the latest news reports has your mind is spinning. 

Family and friends from all over the place reach out, worried and asking what your plans are, where you are going. You are appreciative of the love and support, but your answer of “I don’t know yet” doesn’t calm the questions and really only heightens your anxiety. You’re watching all the reports, and tracking all of Flo’s pivots and turns, you know this isn’t a decision to make lightly. You gather supplies, fill the car with gas, pack your bags. Hoping, hoping, that it turns. Because it’s more than just you now. You’ve got these tiny humans you are responsible for, and it is your job, above all other jobs, to protect them. What if I make the wrong decision?

The truth is, uncertainty is all around us. Every single second of every single day. In big ways and in small ways. Waiting for important news. A trip to the doctor’s office. A meeting with your boss. Whether your child will take a bite of their dinner. Whether there will be traffic today. What kind of mood your spouse will be in when they get home from work. Some of the decisions we are faced with are bigger than others, but if you make them based on your feelings, your gut, then chances are that you’ve made the right one. Because there’s no magical sign that drops out of the sky saying “Great job, you’ve made the right decision!” although wouldn’t that be nice?! Only you can know what’s best for you and your family, and even well-intentioned family and friends can’t make those calls.

As we sit, wait, and wait some more to see what Mother Nature has in store for us, we must find a sense of peace with whatever decisions we have all made in this very uncertain situation. So whether you’re sticking out the storm at home, or you’ve fleed to Florida (never thought we’d say that, right?),  I hope you can rest easy in your decision and know that it was the best one you could make for your family.