The Things I’ve Been Missing


Man oh man has this quarantine/pandemic life been tough! From trying to figure out how to work from home (if you are lucky) to adding short-order cook, daycare teacher, and lion tamer to your already overflowing resume, we have been through it!

things i've been missingAs I sit here at my desk writing this post, I lament over all the things I’ve been missing.

I miss going to the movie theatre! We recently had a family movie night where we rented the new Trolls movie of which I highly recommend! But as I was watching it, I realized I was missing the experience of sitting in the dark theatre with my buttery popcorn and ice-cold Coke at my side. It also feels like there are certain scenes that a director makes specifically for the large movie screen and an awesome sound system that can be missed at home. What movie have you watched at home that would have been better in theatres?

I miss going out to dinner! Yes, I know there are still restaurants that are doing takeaway, delivery, and opening up, but it’s not the same as sitting in the dining room of the restaurant and experiencing the atmosphere, trying new foods. Not to mention, I’m getting tired of looking at the same four walls 24/7! When this is all said and done, my brother and I plan on going to a lovely restaurant to celebrate our March birthdays! What restaurants are you looking forward to visiting?

I miss getting my hair done! I know a lot of you will agree with me that getting one’s hair done is a spa experience! Just having someone else wash and massage your scalp always puts me in a better mood. Not to mention you get to have adult conversations with no children there to interrupt, asking for everything including the kitchen sink.  What is the first thing you’re going to ask your hairdresser to do?

I miss traveling! I miss planning trips to visit friends and family. I miss daydreaming about the next adventure we will go on for fear that if I dream too much, reality will set in. I do count us super lucky that we were able to make it to Disney before they closed. I can’t wait for the day when we can bust outta here! Where will be the first place you travel to?

things i've been missingWhat have you missed doing?

As the days continue to meld into one and the months turn into one giant January, I look forward to the day when we can slowly start doing the activities we all enjoy and have missed.