Trusting Yourself


trusting yourself/trust

WOW! What a year of HARD decisions this has been and likely one of the hardest decisions weighing on most mom’s hearts lately is what to do about school for your children this fall. Did you decide to send your kid/s back to school full-time, have you chosen the blended learning path, are you preparing for distance learning from home or are you jumping headfirst into full-time homeschooling?

Well, to ease your mind sweet momma, there are no “wrong” decisions! Trust in your decision. I looked up the definition of the word trust and here it is…

trust: (n) firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.

You know your kids and your family BEST and you are the first and most influential “teacher” your kids have ever had. Please trust that whatever decision that you made for your family and your kids is the best one because no two families have the same circumstances, experiences, and beliefs and that’s OK!

trusting yourselfIf you’re sending your kids back to school, take the next few weeks to encourage them to get excited about going back into the classroom. Talk to them about what to expect that might be different from their last in-school experience. Ask them about any fears or worries that they might have and talk through them.

If you chose the blending or distance learning path, let your kids help you find a place in your home where they will be comfortable and have space to do their schoolwork. Allow them to talk with you about their feelings and if they’re old enough to understand, explain to them why this was the best decision for your family.

If you’re homeschooling for the first time this year the great news is there are SO many local and on-line resources available to help you pick the best curriculum for your child/children. If you have questions about the homeschool laws in South Carolina the Homeschool Legal Defense Association is the best place to begin. There are also several state, local, and community homeschool organizations, co-ops, and support groups that you can find online and they are a tremendous resource to new homeschool parents. As a homeschooling mom entering my seventh year of homeschooling, my biggest piece of advice is to TRUST YOURSELF!

Let me repeat that for those in the back…TRUST YOURSELF! No matter what decision you’ve made for your family for the beginning of this school year, your kids will be fine as long as they are surrounded by your sweet love and support! Also; remember to trust in the strength and ability of your children to succeed this school year in the path you have chosen.

Much love mommas…if no one’s told you today, you’re doing GREAT!