‘Twas the Night Before Motherhood


‘Twas the night before motherhood, when all through the room
the nurses checked the monitors and you were still in my womb.

The board highlighted our one major goal,
a new precious baby with a sweet little soul.

Your daddy was tucked away in his hospital chair,
while I waited in boredom and thought, “How unfair”.

The night slowly passed, and the clock ticked away,
until it was time to begin pitocin the very next day.

“Oh, this isn’t too bad,” I said to my nurse.
“Well you’re only at two centimeters, so it will only get worse.”

After nearly eight hours, they finally broke my water,
and all of a sudden I couldn’t stand your father.

The contractions began, and my patience was fading,
I was in pain and everything was aching.

“I can’t do this anymore – just get her out!”
“Ashley, pull yourself together! You can do this without a doubt.”

The pain was so fierce, and I couldn’t have any meds,
So, I was holding on to sanity, by just a few threads.

Midnight was approaching, and I knew the pushing was about to start,
it was almost time to meet the rose of my heart.

Hours passed and passed, and I finally heard your cry,
and just like that you lit up the sky.

You came into the world at two eighteen a.m.,
and you officially became my most prized gem.

You were so tiny and smelled so fresh,
you simply took away my very breath.

I didn’t know what the next mornings or months held,
but, nothing in my craziest dreams even compared.

A love so great and a joy so pure,
You’re so much like your daddy – his perfect miniature.

And, here we are, just shy of half a year
ready for Christmas, and watching for reindeer.

I’ll end this note with a promise I’ll hold true,
I’ll always be your mama and love you through and through.