What I Wish You Knew About Giving My Kid Presents at the Holidays


First of all, THANK YOU for even thinking enough of my kid to buy them a present. You didn’t have to do it, but we sure love you for it! Anything that you took the time to pick out, means something to us. But if you’re asking for suggestions…

Here’s what I wish you knew about giving my kids presents this year:

  1. What I wish you knew about giving my kids presents during the holidaysNo one loves a noisy toy (except kids) so if you’re picking out a super noisy toy, does it at least teach my kid something? Or is it just noisy to be noisy? If the latter, we don’t really need it.
  2. I love when you write a sweet note on the inside cover of a new book to my child…when it’s a really special book that means something to you. BUT, every book doesn’t have to have your name on it. I can’t (and I’m not going to) keep all of these books in my attic forever. I’d love to donate them to our library when we are done loving on them, but if you write on them, I can’t do that. Let us read these books and then  pass them on to other kids to love them too.
  3. You know what we’d really love? Experiences! We have a whole playroom full of toys, but what we might not have are memberships to our local aquarium, museum or parks! Those are gifts that we will use a million times over and make a ton of memories at.
  4. A subscription box would be a fun idea that would make for an exciting surprise each month! There are a lot of unique ideas that can be tailored to each kid’s specific interests like cooking, crafts, building, and more! And who doesn’t love a delivery coming to their house? Especially a kid!
  5. If all else fails, ask mom and dad. Maybe we could really use some new school shoes. Or maybe there are karate lessons that you could help fund. Or maybe we just know of some really special toy that would be perfect for a Christmas present from Grandma and Grandpa!
  6. Please, please include the gift receipt. Just in case!

Our kids will be thrilled with whatever you decide to give them and we will love and appreciate anything that you decide to do. Most importantly, our kids just love YOU. They don’t really even need anything. Experiences and time with you are what matter most.