You Know You’re a Mom When…


A few weeks ago, on a Tuesday afternoon, my husband came home from work earlier than usual. I had a few errands I had planned on running with my toddler in tow and as we were getting ready to leave he walked through the door. I quickly changed my plans, handed him our 18-month old, gave him a kiss, and jumped in the car before he had a chance to stop me. I was going to run errands, alone. Even better, I was going to Target!

What I expected to be a fast-paced, stick to the list, in and out trip with my daughter turned into a leisurely, hour-long stroll around the store all by myself!

As I walked through the store, feeling relaxed and cheerful, I thought, “You know you’re a mom when a solo trip to Target feels like a vacation!”

Target Cart

Since becoming a mom, I’ve learned to appreciate the little things in life that only moms experience. I decided to ask some of our contributors to finish the sentence…

“You know you’re a mom when…”

  • You realize an hour after carpool drop-off, that you’re still listening to (and singing along with) the Old MacDonald/Wiggles/Disney Kids mix CD in the car
  • Someone mentions Uniqua, Rescue Rhonda, Mayor Goodway, Izzy, or Jewel Sparkles, you know exactly who or what they’re referring to
  • You go digging in your purse for lip gloss and locate three pacifiers and no lip gloss
  • You have washed the same load of laundry three times
  • All six Paw Patrol pups and two Jakes become permanent fixtures on the side of your garden tub

paw patrol

  • A cup of coffee becomes your daily luxury
  • A trip to the bathroom alone becomes a rarity
  • All of the children fall asleep at the same time and you just park somewhere for some “alone” time so they don’t wake up
  • You know the words to every Daniel Tiger’s neighborhood song or find yourself singing “Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog…”
  • Catching your child’s vomit in your hands doesn’t faze you
  • You do more in seven minutes than most people do all day
  • Stuffed animals go everywhere with you


  • Going to the bathroom with an audience is the norm
  • Happy hour is now the time between when your kids and you go to sleep
  • Showering in peace feels like you’re at a spa
  • You pee with a child on your lap
  • You can’t take a bath without someone barging in
  • You clean out your car and find melted crayons in the backseat
  • You finally get to go on a date night with your husband and spend the entire night talking about your kids!
  • You find yourself talking in the third person all the time… “Mommy needs a nap!”
  • You car becomes a Goldfish and Teddy Graham graveyard

Goldfish Graveyard

  • You find the missing pacifier in your bra
  • The slow cooker becomes your BFF
  • Your breast leaks in a business meeting
  • Your toddler tells you all the adorable dramas of daycare
  • You ask an adult where the potty is
  • You realize great moms come from all different circumstances

What would you add to the list?