Baby Bumpin’ With Two (Twin Pregnancy Tidbits)


This is not my first pregnancy rodeo. I have a two-year-old and a three-year-old, but this is the first time that there has been more than one in my uterus at the same time trying to beat me into submission. It’s an incredible feeling to join this exclusive club of moms of multiples, but pregnancy with multiples is definitely different than pregnancy with a singleton and not always in the ways you might think.

Baby Bumpin’ With Two (Twin Pregnancy Tidbits)
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Twin Pregnancy Tidbits:

Double Pregnancy Symptoms

Okay, this probably isn’t so surprising, but with two on board, you can expect an increase in the number, and severity, of pregnancy symptoms. With my previous two pregnancies, I had minimal pregnancy symptoms and only a touch of morning sickness.

This time around, I prayed to the porcelain gods every afternoon and evening during the first trimester before collapsing in a sweaty hot mess on my bed to pass out for a few hours. I was exhausted and nauseous. So, you have that to look forward to when you’re pregnant with twins….

So Many Questions

When people hear that I’m having twins, I’m often asked questions that are more personal and invasive than a pap smear. Do twins run in your family? Did you do IVF? Are you scared? Are you disappointed? Are you finally done having kids? Aren’t you a little old to be having two more kids? Bless your heart; you won’t ever have a social life again, will you?

I honestly don’t mind the questions and most people are coming from a truly good place, but before becoming pregnant with twins, I definitely wasn’t this fascinating. From speaking with other moms of multiples, the questions won’t stop after they’re born, so we should just prepare for these questions because it’s a part of our family story now.

The OBGYN’s Office, Where Everyone Knows Your Name:

So many doctors’ appointments! I am in the doctor’s office nearly every other week and I’m still only 26 weeks. While you are not automatically considered “high risk” when you are pregnant with twins, many of us will not only see our OB, but will also see a Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist and a high-risk doctor.

As someone who would happily get an ultrasound every day just to see my babies and hear their heartbeats, I love the growing collection of ultrasound photos that will hopefully one day end up in the twins’ baby book, but having that many doctors’ appointments does mean that my already full schedule is packed to the hilt.

Not All Twins Are Identical, Not All Twin Pregnancies Are Either

Just as every singleton pregnancy is different, so is every twin pregnancy. For example, before I became pregnant with twins, I assumed I would be put on bed rest, which was a particularly daunting prospect given my active lifestyle and the demands of my two very active toddlers.

However, even though I am high risk, I have been cleared to continue exercising and go about my business as usual. Now, I may have a very understanding OB, she happens to run marathons herself so doesn’t bat an eye when I talk about working out every morning and running 5Ks, but in many ways, this pregnancy isn’t all that different for me than my previous two. A good friend, on the other hand, was placed on bed best around 20 weeks where she stayed for the duration of her twin pregnancy.

Having waddled past my halfway mark and ever closer to meeting these two beautiful babies currently joyfully tap-dancing on my bladder, I am excited (and yes, a little scared too) about what lies ahead as a mom of twins and as a mom of four children under age four.

It should be a wild ride and I’m definitely not quite ready – though are we ever really ready? – and if you’re thinking about a gift for me, a wine of the month subscription would be most appreciated because bless my heart, I will probably need it after the twins are born!

I’d love to hear your multiples pregnancy story! What have you learned? What surprised you the most? What is your favorite part of being a mom of multiples?

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