Due With Baby #2: The Perks of Two Under Two


I am excited to announce that our family is growing! We wanted to be a family of four, so we are extremely excited! It happened a little sooner than we expected, but I hear that happens the second time around! Check out my Birth Control After Baby post for more on that!

This time around we are expecting a boy! Luckily, all of our baby gear was gender neutral, and a lot of our newborn clothes are as well. However, since our daughter will be about 22-months-old when Baby Boy arrives, there is still a lot of gear to get, including:

    1. Crib/Mattress/Bedding
    2. Double Stroller
    3. Changing table, pad, diaper pail

While I know that having two under two will be a HUGE challenge, here are some of the perks that I have gathered from other moms:

    1. All the information is still so fresh! I remember all the pregnancy rules and most of the newborn tricks. Like riding a bicycle….
    2. I can get back to “normal” “sooner.” I know that some people LOVE being pregnant. I fall squarely in the middle. The one thing I am dreading is breastfeeding. I love that it is great for my baby and I exceeded my goal for my daughter, but it will be nice to have my body back again. Months of pregnancy plus months of breastfeeding = years of sharing my body with another little human. Exhausting…
    3. Kids will entertain each other! This sounds like the best perk! Hopefully they will sit and play together in bliss (or fight….we will see).


What are your “Two Under Two” tips?


  1. My last two where 17 months apart. I would say wearing the baby in a carrier helped me survive a lot of days. Especially like shopping with both of them. The infant carrier would take up to much space in a shopping cart with my other toddler sitting in the child seat. I dislike the double stroller thing too. It’s just to big for shopping trips. The 1st year has been rough but the youngest will be 1 next month and it seems to be getting a little easier now that they can entertain one another, eat the same foods and take naps at the same time. Good luck.

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