What’s a Doula, and Do I Need One?

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Do you know what the word “doula” actually means? Doula is Greek in origin and means “A woman that serves.” Today it refers to someone who is trained to provide physical and emotional support to a birthing person throughout their pregnancy. There are different types of doulas that offer many different things.

According to The International Doula Institute, doulas provide physical support in the form of massages, applying counter pressure, assisting with breathing techniques, and helping you relax. They also provide emotional support to empower you throughout pregnancy and delivery, which is something Lowcountry Doula is extremely passionate about. Doulas also support your partner in helping them to be as involved as they would like to be. And let’s face it, sometimes those partners of ours don’t exactly know how and when to be helpful.

Meet Olivia Tackett of Lowcountry Doula

Olivia Tackett started Lowcountry Doula in 2020 because she wanted a career that allowed her to help and empower women. She believes women deserve a positive birth experience that goes how they want. Birth can be amazing, but it can also be traumatic. Having a doula there to support and guide you can change everything.

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Just Take it from these Local Moms

Christina said “Olivia was a wonderful and supportive doula. She was very helpful in a stressful time with my very first child and provided amazing home care when I needed a home visit. I would highly recommend her services to any expecting mom.”

And Genesis echoed these words. “I am so thankful to have Olivia there for me while I was birthing baby number two! Her words and efforts to comfort me really did work. Whatever I needed at the moment, she was on it. I will recommend her to all of my soon-to-be mothers as well as those who are already moms.”

A Bit More About Lowcountry Doula

At Lowcountry Doula the goal is to make women feel confident and understood during their pregnancy and labor. Each family is different, and they want different things from their birthing experiences. To some women, labor is a spiritual journey in which they can connect with their bodies on a new level. To others, it is something they want over quickly and as painlessly as possible! Both are great. Whether medicated or unmedicated, there is no “unnatural” way to have a baby.

Lowcountry Doula was started as a way to give mothers the labor and delivery they want whether it’s at home, at a birthing center, or at a hospital. They offer support during unmedicated birth, epidural use, Cesarean, and all births in-between. In addition to all the support you’ll need during labor, they also offer prenatal and postpartum services which means you will be in their care from 35 weeks pregnant to 2 weeks postpartum. What a wonderful peace of mind!

Connect with Lowcountry Doula

Olivia offers free consultations to get to know each other and answer any questions you may have. To schedule your consultation or to connect with Lowcountry Doula, be sure to check these links below!

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