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Pulling Yourself Out of a Dinner Rut

I've always enjoyed cooking. I love the flavors, the nutrition behind them, and creating something I can share with others. But lately, with three...

Family-Friendly Weeknight Meal Plan

Gone are the days of leisurely preparing a meal around 7 p.m. for just your husband and yourself to enjoy in peace. Kids are...

5 Quick, Kid-Friendly Recipes for Busy Nights

Did you ever notice that kids want to eat dinner every.single.night? The little buggers always want to be fed, even when you’re exhausted and...

Escape from the “Clean Plate Club”

Are you teaching your child to be part of "the clean plate club"? Are you still part of the "clean plate club"? What in the world...

Mommy’s Night Out at Book Club

For as long as I can remember, books have been very special to me. As a child, I loved to flip through the Scholastic...

The Toddler Dinner Struggle

Feeding my toddler can often feel like a power struggle. There are nights where dinner is an enjoyable experience. Like when my husband asks how...

Charleston Restaurant Week {CMB Team Picks}

We are so lucky to live in a place like Charleston which boasts so many award winning and world class restaurants. With so many...

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