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An Ode to Our Teachers During Teacher Appreciation Week

I have always had a strong appreciation for teachers and all they do for our children, inside and outside of the classroom. I come...

From Inside A Lockdown Drill

If you have school age children, then they have been through a fire drill, possibly an evacuation drill, and most likely a lockdown drill. When...

6 Things to Look for in a Phenomenal K4 Program

Choosing a K4 program for your child can feel like a daunting task with so many options available in the Lowcountry. To help make...

Dear Mom of a First Time Preschooler

Dear Mom of a First Time Preschooler, You did it! We are about half way done with the school year. I know you thought I...

Code Yellow

I was sitting at a work lunch when my phone rang. My daughter’s school was calling. I thought it was the nurse’s office because...

Celebrating Our Heroes in the Classroom: Teacher Appreciation Week

It’s that time of the year. The end of the school year. Let’s talk teacher gifts. We love our teachers! Of course we want...
Steps to handle confrontations with teachers

Steps for Handling Confrontations with Teachers

Your child comes home in tears. Something happened at school with her classroom teacher. Immediately you try to comfort her, but as she tells...

The Investment of a Teacher

A teacher is truly like an extension of a mother. She is warm and caring, kind and loving, strict and stern, yet never cross. She’s...

Strategies to Prepare Elementary School Children for Standardized Testing

As a mom and an educator, I often have test anxiety for students around the Lowcountry. From an educational standpoint, testing is one measure...

Goodbye Without Tears: Sending My First Born to Preschool

The time is here, the time for my first born baby to start his school journey. This milestone has been greatly anticipated by both...

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