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Summering with Tweens: 3 Tips for Survival

With summer upon us, my twelve-year-old boy has recently taken to hibernating in his room for hours at a time. We rarely see him,...

Sex, Drugs and Santa: Having “The Talk” with Your Kids

From the time that Lily was born I cringed at the thought of having "The Talk."  So when my friend Michelle blindsided me at...

#Giving: Teaching Kids the True Meaning of Christmas

As Christmas rolls around, my first question to my kids is, “So, what do you want for Christmas this year?” Of course, they joyfully...

Tween Angst: How To Deal

A few days ago, my ten-year-old son came home from school in a mood. The vibe was borderline sour and definitely aloof. He dumped...

Wings to Fly: Letting Go Through the Milestones

I'm going to age myself here, but do y'all remember the song Wind Beneath My Wings by Bette Midler? Yes, I am going back...

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