Leaving My Children for the First Time


I love my kids. I love being with them. However, there comes a point when you’re ready to have a little space! We have young children, a two-year-old and a five-year-old. Add to that the fact that we homeschool and have no family nearby means we rarely do anything without them.

My husband and I are preparing to leave them with my parents for three nights while we fly across the country to attend my company’s national convention. I’m beginning to get a little anxious about it. I know they will be fine, but I wanted to come up with a few things I could do to make it as easy on everyone as possible.

  • First of all, I’ve been preparing my kids for a couple of weeks. My five-year-old understands, however, I’m not sure my two year old quite gets it. I’ve been saying, “Mimi and PopPop are coming to stay with you at your house and Mommy and Daddy are going bye-bye.” I think it’s starting to sink in and she seems fine with it.
  • I know they’ll have some fun times out and some special treats but I’m prepping some of their favorite snacks and meals so they can have some things they’re used to. My five-year-old has trouble with change and transitions. If every meal she eats is different, it can start to overwhelm her and give her anxiety.
  • My girls take a lavender salt bath most nights so we prepared them to be exactly how we do it so my parents don’t have to worry about measuring and figuring it out. It also gave my five-year-old a way to help and she’ll love telling them how to use it. They also take a concoction of vitamins and supplements every day that I’ll have prepared so there’s something that’s predictable in their day while we’re gone.
Lavender Bath Salts.
Lavender Bath Salts.
  • My parents have a list of songs we sing at night to memorize the ones they don’t already know! I’m also going to show them some of the ways my girls like to be comforted. They each have their own favorites.
  • I’m excited about this one. My kids each get to open a little present from us every day we’re gone. It’s just simple things like play dough, new coloring books and crayons, sidewalk chalk, fidget toys, and a few other little things to keep them busy and excited.

We’re all going to have so much fun and will be so busy we won’t have time to miss each other! That’s what I keep telling myself anyway.

Have you left your children for an extended period of time? Do you have any tips to share?