Moms To See in the 843: Kate Camp with BabyQuip


Moms To See in the 843: Kate Camp with Babierge

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Moms; picture this. You have a family vacation coming up. You have to pack for yourself, your husband, and your child(ren). Your vacation is planned for out-of-state, which means that one, you need to research where the closest Target is. And two, you need to pack your entire house up just for your children because heaven forbid you leave that one toy, book, or lovey behind (you know all hell will break loose). If you are anything like me, you have five lists going at once with everything you need to pack. Clothes, toiletries, books, toys, car seat, pack n’ play, highchair, booster seat…and that is just for your children.

Now, as you are checking the items off of your list, your pile by the door becomes increasingly larger. 



Sound machine…check. 

If you are lucky, you own a car the size of Rhode Island, so fitting all of these items should be a cinch. If you are flying, well, at this point you are praying that they don’t damage the car seat en route and that you can “borrow” some random person’s child to use the ‘one free bag per person’ rule.

You arrive at your destination, and quite honestly have probably scared the poor receptionist because your reservation says you are only staying a week, but you look like you are moving in! Now, instead of being able to hit the ground running and explore this new place, or visit with family and old friends, you spend the majority of the time rearranging the furniture trying to make it all fit.

ENOUGH ALREADY! You scream to yourself as you sit on the hotel toilet. I wish I didn’t have to pack all of this stuff every time I left the house, I wish there was someone who could deliver and pick the items up after I was done. I WISH there was an easier way!

Moms To See in the 843: Kate Camp with Babierge

And ta-da! In comes Kate Camp and BabyQuip!  

BabyQuip is a company that provides comforts of home while on vacation, without all of the stress of getting it there!

My friend Kate was looking to start her own business, but needed it to be flexible and inexpensive to start as she was a new mother. After a recent trip that she and her family took, she remembered that despite all of the lists and planning, that she had still managed to leave something behind that was necessary for her sanity. That is when the gears in her head started turning, her fingers started flying on Google, and she stumbled upon Babyquip.

So what made Kate decide to become a trusted partner with Babyquip? A few reasons.

  • It is a nationwide company. That means there is at least one trusted partner in most of the major cities in the US (and a few in Canada and Puerto Rico). This already makes traveling so much easier because you are not limited to where you want to visit in the US. The network of trusted partners is quite extensive and you are bound to find someone who has the items you wish to rent, wherever you are going.
  • The products. As a trusted partner, you are responsible for creating your inventory, and who would you trust more than another mom?! You can trust that these moms are buying inventory that they trust, find reliable and safe, and have used. You can also trust that the items are going to always be clean and fresh.
  • The company website. As a trusted partner, you have your own website that is created by  Babyquip, but is easy to manage and very user friendly!

Now that I have you hooked, what’s next?

  • Plan your next trip. Maybe you’re staying local, but don’t want to drag all.the.stuff. with you. Or maybe you have company coming to town and they have a long list of things they need while visiting. Enter Kate’s Babierge website. There you can explore Kate’s inventory. From high chairs to diapers and wipes, she even has packages for the beach that include chairs, umbrella, and beach toys. She can customize your order depending on the gender of your child(ren), age, and cartoon characters that they are currently into. 
  • After you have chosen the items that you would like to rent, you then pick your rental dates and set up your delivery and pick up information. Oh wait, did I forget to mention that they will deliver AND set up the items, wherever you are staying? They will also pick the items up! Just imagine, walking into your room after a long flight or car ride and all you need to do is set your suitcases down! That in itself is enough for me to want to book with Kate and Babyquip All. The.Time!

I have to say, it’s a bit crazy that I hadn’t heard of Babyquip before now because I think it is a service that is so desperately needed! Kate recognized a need for it here in the Lowcountry, and decided to go for it! Kate, and Babyquip, will help take some of the stresses out of family vacation, so that you can actually enjoy yourself! I now rest easy knowing that on our next family vacation, we might actually be able to see out of the back window completely!